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  1. Hello all: Love the fat neck Gibson guitars would anyone be able to list all Gibsons that are or were manufactured with the fat neck or direct me to a list that may have already been created. A few years back I had an SG and had a though time playing barre chords and the slim neck never felt comfortable. I traded in the SG for a fat neck Paisley Telecaster. I recently purchased a brand new Les Paul Standard 50s and absolutely loved it. I could actually play barre chords and power chords. I am attributing it to the fat neck it just felt more comfortable. When all this virus stuff started I was able to return it to get my money back just in case - can't eat a guitar 🙂 I'm back in the market and looking again to purchase a fat neck preferably any and all used models that could be below $1700? Thanks for everyones help...
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