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  1. Thanks guys, appreciated. This is all helpful. I'm going to take advantage of GC's return policy a little while longer and keep an eye out for an ebony custom with chrome. I know I like that neck, just a matter of finding one. I think the last ones were made about 4 or 5 years ago?
  2. I picked up a Gibson Custom 57 Les Paul Standard VOS Electric Guitar with Bigsby. Amazing guitar, great pickups; styling is incredible. Almost the perfect guitar. I'm surprised at how much I love the Bigsby on this guitar and actually use it. What's giving me second thoughts is the neck chunkiness on this guitar. I wonder if I'll get used to it or whether I'll favor other guitars with slimmer necks (and lower investment) I was thinking about at least three possibilities: - Get the neck sanded down a bit (I don't are about the effect on resale value as this is something I plan t
  3. Mine was a Hohner electric, early-to-mid 80s bought in Garwood, NJ. Every now and then I google to try to find the exact model. It was the kind you'd see a lot in mom and pop music stores that sold more lessons than they did guitars. As I recall in was a tobacco-ish sun-burst and had a strat knock-off body. Terrible single coils that feedbacked like the devil and the world's crappiest dime-store tuners with cheap white plastic tuner knobs. That said, I wish I still had it or at least a photo... Anyone know this guitar?!
  4. Thanks much jdgm, The gold is growing on me. Just not used to it after so many chrome-part guitars. More importantly the guitar sounds amazing. Almost impossible to put it down. I like the Bigsby and Stetsbar options (particularly because it seems you don't have to mod the guitar at all). But then again, maybe I don't mess with perfection. This guitar holds tune like a rock. I have a Duesenberg Starplayer which looks amazing (with the cool trem). But it's more of a piece of expensive wall art at this point - hardly played - and which I may sell at some point soon.
  5. I recently acquired (May) a blemished Gibson Les Paul Custom shop, attached here. I'm not crazy about all the gold. I was thinking about changing out with chrome or another metal and wanted to get recommendations for doing this in a relatively high end way. I see Gotoh has some interesting parts but there is probably a standard Gibson kit for this guitar as well. Was also considering a trem. --- Advice. This is mostly an aesthetic adventure I must say..... les paul.HEIC
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