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  1. Hi folks - probably an easy one but it's driving me a bit batty. New-to-me Studio model. Pretty sure it's a 2012, but ... SN is 122790260 So it's a 9 digit number. According to the Gibson site, "Gibson USA goes to a 9 digit serial number in early July 2005" with the first 8 digit pattern not changing from the previous version (YDDDYRRR), so this instrument would have been made on the 227 day of 2019. BUT the Gibson site also says, "USA 2014 to present: The pattern is as follows: YYRRRRRRR, which would give the instrument a 2012 manufacture year, which is what I'm expecting. But that doesn't make sense. If it was made in 2012, it should have the 2005 numbering scheme, which puts it back to a 2019. Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks in advance for help.
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