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  1. So I think I've solved this issue and even further, I found a great way to increase the clarity of the neck pickup and still have the noise canceling of the dummy coil. Part 1- Diagnosis Plugging in my lee Malia RD for the first time I found the Gibson P94 muddy noisy and poopy sounding. I've had guitars with Gibson P94s in the past but this one seemed off so I popped off the back to see if messing with the dummy coil would work. Here is what I found. First issue the Dummy coil was wired in series with the P94. That's a bad idea but maybe since this is technically a "metal" guitar they wanted to boost the output a bit. To me it muddifies the p94 severely. If that's the sound they were looking for they should have just put in the old cheapo Epiphone pickups from the 90s. I disconnected the dummy coil entirely-Immediately the P94 pickup came alive. I still wanted the option of the dummy coil so I tried to wire it in parallel this time. Boom-clarity increased even more but output was definitely reduced. Second issue- the dummy coil was not properly shielded. So yes it got rid of the 60 cycle hum but introduced load of interference noise. Part 2- Solution First- The dummy coil bare wire doesn't need to go to the p94 exactly. It's just a ground wire already attached to the ground part of the circuit. I shielded the dummy coil cavity with copper tape and when I went to reinstall the dummy coil I checked with a circuit tester to make sure the bare wire was attaching to the copper shielding. Boom interference noise canceled! Second- I decided I wanted the option of switching the dummy coil off and on. I could have put in a mini toggle switch but that would have messed with looks of this beautiful guitar. So, I decided to try and hijack the bridge coil split push pull pot. Only half of the switch was being used anyway. I'll do my best to describe what I did The white wires from the p94 and the dummy coil went to ground. The black wire went to the middle lug of the unused side of the push pull pot switch A third wire from the bottom lug of the unused side of the switch went to the left lug (input) of the neck volume pot. So, now when the push pull pot is in humbucker mode, the p94 is in full output no dummy coil awesomeness. Pulling up the push pull pot now engages the dummy coil in parallel for increased clarity and noise cancelation but with slightly reduced output. Fitting as a sort of coil tap for the p94 I think. I hope this all makes sense.
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