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  1. I bought a Martin HD 28 and now I want a Gibson as well.
  2. How does the D28 and hummingbird hold up against each other?
  3. An absolute joy - everything you'd expect of a Martin. Big Boomy an Bassy overtones and the build quality is very high. I like to play acoustic blues so need that mahogany sound hence me looking around for a Gibson to accompany the MArtin
  4. Hi I recently bought a Martin HD28 however I have been GASsing for a Gibson to go alongside it.. Having sold a few items I am very lucky to be in a position to buy a Gibson - I will only have two acoustics the Martin and the new Gibson and I want to have two distinctive sounds. I am thinking of either getting a J50 (or similar variants J45, SJ etc) or saving a little more to get Country Western Supreme (or a Hummingbird)? Which guitar will accompany my Martin well?
  5. interesting. I always thought it was a bit pale from the pictures.. I love the look of that butterscotch hue from those vintage models.
  6. Hi all, I am thinking of either purchasing a brand new Gibson 50s J-50 Original or a used Gibson Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo from 2012. Anyone have any experience with either of these guitars and what they sound like in terms of tone etc? I see it as Sitka spruce top vs Adirondack and more bling on the SJ but would be get to people's thoughts on both guitars. Thank you
  7. let me know how it sounds when you get it. I’m thinking about swapping my Martin hd28 for one
  8. Which ones did you get and how would you rate them?
  9. Really? I’m thinking of part exchanging my Martin for the SJ. Are you able to tell me a bit more?
  10. Anyone had the chance to play this guitar from the 2020 historic series?
  11. I’ve already starting saving for a Gibson hummingbird or a Sheryl Crow.. 😂 ive not stopped playing the Martin though.. will need to get the action sorted as I prefer slightly lower. I’m also thinking lighter strings
  12. Hi all, I have done a lot of thinking and have decided to go with the Martin HD-28 Imagined. The Gibson Hummingbird Vintage after a poor exchange rate plus postage/shipping, the guitar wasn't that much of a bargain as I anticipated. Although a torrified top would be great, there is too much risk for me not to have the safety of a warranty. One day, I'll definitely get a Gibson acoustic though (either J45 or Hummingbird). I think I will be getting the HD28 in natural but I did like the look of Ambertone and Sunburst.. The guitar shop owner also informed me that the Sunburst is the last one in the UK!
  13. That D-41 one on the end looks absolutely majestic!
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