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  1. Thanks Bernd. I am thinking that this exceeds my technical capacity so I'll have to either shelve the instrument or reach out to my favorite guitar tech. Anyone want to buy a used black Steinberger Synapse 5 string, with a tuner mechanism issue on the g string?😐
  2. Jim - Thanks for the very helpful reply. Unfortunately, I contacted them and they said that their bass jaws (grateful I now know the terminology) only work on original USA-built Steinbergers and they have no parts for later foreign models. So, I think I'm still at square one. I hope I don't have to buy an entirely new bridge...probably not worth that expense at this time. I'm thinking that maybe I buy one jaw anyway and see if it fits even though they say it's not made for the later models. Just as importantly, I hope this doesn't happen to any more tuners. I have two 5-string Synapses, one fretted and one fretless, and the fretless model is actually my #1 favorite working bass. If I had to shelve the fretted one, I have a Zon Sonus 5 string that I love...great bass, just not beefy like the Synapse. But I don't know what I'd do without the fretless Synapse...!
  3. I have a 5 string Synapse bass. I have had a set of double ball strings on it, and during the process of changing the strings, I have run into an issue with the G string tuner mechanism. I don't know if the tuner gear has been stripped or what, but the moving part of the tuner that holds the ball end of the string and moves forward and back doesn't engage unless I push the mechanism into the bridge so far that the ball end holder is covered up by the metal plate of the tuner mechanism. If I put the ball end of the string in the holder and push it in far enough to engage the tuner, the rest of the string is too short for the ball on the other end of the string to get in its holder at the top of the neck. It's almost as if the screw mechanism on that piece is either broken or stripped, so that it needs to be pushed into the bridge so far that you can't actually thread a string on it. Anyone else experience this issue? Anyone have an idea of what's happening here and/or what the solution is? I assume that I may need a replacement part of some kind, but I don't even have an idea of what that part is or where to find it. I sent a support message to Gibson/Steinberger several weeks ago, but have received no response or acknowledgement of my inquiry. PLEASE HELP!
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