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  1. Does Gibson publish a baseline speck for bridge and tail height? Would be great to just restring this and set everything up to their spec out of the shop, then go from there.
  2. Questions: 1. Since the strings angle down from the bridge I’m assuming the measurement should be from the center of the pole screw? (Since the measurements would differ from the edge of each pole screw since we are talking about measurements down to 64ths) 2. I’m assuming strings sizes matter, so if I’m using 10’s now I might need to raise the pickups ever so slightly when I go back to 9’s. 3. I watched a video where a luthier said that the strings should never touch the back of the bridge traveling down to the stop bar. Looking at mine I think every string except the G string touch the back edge of the bridge going down to the stop bar. I presume If this is notable enough to warrant fixing, I would need to raise the stop bar to decrease the angle and this get the string off the bridge?
  3. Thanks for the chart!!! Wow, I would have never guessed the BB’s had less output than the 490’s, P90’s and 57’s. Before I do a swap I am going to check the setup. I think I have an old string gauge somewhere I bought once upon a time and never used. Can at least check the pickup height and string height etc. Just trying to get enough firm specs and watch enough YT videos to feel comfortable before I start cranking on stuff.
  4. Are the BB’s higher or lower output than the 490? (How do P90’s compare output wise)
  5. Great video. Not sure what difference it would make with me having an SG versus the LP they used. 57’s sound more “natural” and BB’s seem more “hot”. Curious to know if the BB’s are hotter than the 490’s. Im assuming lower output pickups will have more natural warmth and depth, and higher output pickups will provide more dynamics.
  6. thanks for the feedback I’ll look for that video. you have any experience with that BB1/2 config? (Or the P90s)
  7. I have not, what is the generally accepted clearance between the string and bride pickup? And what’s the general spec for height that bridge pickup should be above the pick guard etc
  8. Hey everyone, new Gibson SG owner. Had the guitar for about a month and love it. That said, the stock 490 pickup range is giving me some difficulty with amp EQ. Neck pickup is warm and the bridge pickup bright, which in and of themselves is fine, but I find to get the best tone out of either requires a notable shift in EQ, which makes it difficult to use them together in a song etc. They almost cover too much of a tonal range. I’ve tried rolling back the tone know on bridge pickup but even that only helps so much before you dull that pickups attack. So, I was looking at a potential pickup replacement. When I was guitar shopping I did find an LP Studio Special that I loved which had a Burstbucker #1 in the neck and Burstbucker #2 in the bridge. Has anyone here done this on an SG and have feedback on it? I found only one example on YouTube of someone doing this and it sounded great to my ears but he was playing entirely clean. (Are Burstbuckers higher or lower output pickups than the 490’s) I also though maybe something a little more drastic like P90’s but I don’t know if I want to bail on Humbuckers a entirely, though they do seem to have a gritty charm about them that seem cool. (I do have more of a background with single coils) Anyways, any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Curious about your thoughts on either setup and what tonal differences I should reasonably expect going either direction.
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