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  1. Turns out the Mono Parlor is too small which was surprising. And the Reunion Blues Small Body Acoustic was a little too big.
  2. I’m currently eyeing this one or the cheaper RBX model from them. Trying to figure out if this would fit. https://reunionblues.com/collections/acoustic-guitar/products/rb-continental-small-body-acoustic-case-voyager-series
  3. I prefer the biodegradable ones at Whole Foods
  4. Gotta love guitar forums!! Anyway, I appreciate the concern for my instrument. I’m confident that a well padded gig bag will be just fine for my needs. I’ve been using one with my Martin (even taking time gigs) and it’s no problem. The Gator case I’m using is really solid and doesn’t bend at all. I don’t buy guitars to preserve them to perfection (though, many do and that’s cool). I buy them to play them and do take very good care (humidify, etc). Bottom line — for me, if it’s easier to carry around (and I play it more), then I’ll take my chances. My grandparents had plastic overs over the couches to protect them from wear. Needless to say, I would have just ripped the plastic off and enjoyed it. Lol.
  5. Careful what you ask for!! Lol. I should have stated that have an amazing hard shell case where it sits most of the time. I’m looking for a high end gig bag that will serve the purpose of taking this to jams in the neigbourhood, where I walk over, carrying a bunch of crap. So I need the backpack straps. I have a Gator gig bag that is crazy padded for my Martin and I bet it would easily withstand a drop — not that I want to risk it!! Blue Heron is an example of what I’m looking for, but perhaps something a little less expensive. Thanks!!!
  6. Hey all — first time post! Wondering if you know any good gig bags that will fit my 1967 Gibson B-25. Maybe the Reunion Blues Small Body? Many thanks!
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