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  1. Is there a guitar strap that locks around the strap button? I put a ernie ball strap with a rubber locking washer on my les paul and the leather of the strap is starting to tear already on the "horn" of the les paul. Is there a strap that is designed for a les paul? The gibson strap that came with the les paul is pretty much the same as the cheap ernie ball strap.
  2. I have just bought a Gibson Les Paul Studio and the coil-tap engage doesn't exactly sound like a single coil. Does the circuit board function to change the sound character of the single coil tap so that it doesn't sound exactly like a single coil? Does the the circuit board cause the single coil mode to have as much volume as the humbucker mode? It seems like the single coil mode sounds louder than the single coil of other guitars that have this feature.
  3. Is the Gibson soft leather case actually good enough to protect a les paul head stock from breaking if it fell over or was dropped? Is a hard-shell case more protective?
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