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  1. There is at least one, truly corrupt poster on this site, with intentions to create conflict, it could be somebody with alliances with a competing guitar brand, or possibly, somebody with no particular alliances with a competing brand but just has very poor intentions in general. Either way, these forums are usually very poorly monitored unfortunately, but I can tell you, at least one person needs to be banned from this forum!
  2. Don't throw darts at me for my respectful communications here simply because your thin skin gets irritated by perfectly reasonable discourse, and then tell me to relax! Your gaslighting ain't gonna work on me brother!
  3. Every forum is the same. The regulars say take my word for it or go **** yourself. Every forum is the same. It's easy to talk **** behind a keyboard. I am never embarrassed by asking a complete stranger for a little description as to their background rather than blindly following their advice, nor should I be, and who the **** are you to try and shame me for it! Every forum has this same bullshit. You or he, are in danger of embarrassing yourselves! Perhaps you are just one keyboard ninja using multiple names!
  4. Just picture a Rodney Dangerfield massive eyeroll here....
  5. Spread over the last decade there will be 9122 posts to explore. Have fun. Yeah, I could read all 9122 of your posts, or you could simply give a short synopsis of your experience with Gibson guitars.
  6. Will you please forgive my redundant questions above. If you don't mind my asking, what is your level of experience with Gibson guitars?
  7. Doesn't seem to my mind that the simple addition of a pickup really puts a guitar into the league of "limited production/edition". So is it the addition of the pickup that also earns the "custom shop" stamp/decal on the rear of the headstock?
  8. does the label indicate limited production?
  9. better pic Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  10. You mean he wants to see the serial number?
  11. Dove label Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  12. I may be able to see it again this week, what should I look for on the label? If I do see it, I will get pics.
  13. Ok point taken. That price you posted of $2900.00 is a good deal imho. You meant o.t.d. right?
  14. So is the manufacturers website 😉 So who are these right people to deal with to get a good deal???
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