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  1. Hey Scales, we were doing the same thing, we had a monthly residency at a music venue and were hosting our own gigs selling tickets, doing all the promo, and inviting other bands to come and play, for which they got equasl share of any sales. Was working quite nicely, and for working bands might be a good way forward.
  2. Man oh man, there are times I wish I was back home in Maryland- just the fact that y'all can talk about getting ready for gigs is cool. Here in the UK/EU things are a bit different: bars and pubs are just starting to open up, but social distancing is being rigidly enforced and currently no indoor entertainment is on the cards, and no outdoor entertainment/ live music that means folks cannot talk to each other from 4 feet away, which pretty much rules just about everything out. On top of that there appears to be a second wave coming, and many areas are being reshut down. The general consensus is there will be no live music here until next year, and even then it will be different. Course noone can say what that means . I had a full year of gigs booked, every one cancelled, and bookings for next year festivals which normally open up from about now are on hold.
  3. I have, and use as my main gigging tool, a 2012 Custom shop J45. I bought a CS as it offered the pick up I wanted ( Trance acoustic) the higher quality workmanship and wood ( adirondack top which has a different sound, Adirondack bracing) and also because it offered the tone i wanted. Like many working non famous musicians I have been lusting after a J45 with that classic tone for a long time. I suspect that long term its value will increase , if only because stuff like the higher quality than standard J45 rosewood for the fretboard and bridge, pattern grade Honduras hog B&S, will become desirable in a futre of Richlite, Micarta, Ebonite, Sapele, Khaya and Tusq. And only 200 were made.
  4. T.Lime


    Helloo, Part time gigging musician. Based in the UK. This is my number one gigging tool. 2012 J45Custom Shop PureVoice
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