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  1. Yeap, that's what I was thinking. Just for the sake of experimenting i'll probably try it, but at the end it will most likely to stay original as it is now. Thanks everyone for the input!
  2. I'll try the treble bleed just to see what happens, but most probably go back to the original scheme. I forgot to mention that I'm using a 500K pot (audio curve), but now comes the doubt: 0.022 or 0.047 cap? and 100ohms or 130ohms ... maybe I'll try all possible combos?
  3. Hi. I made an schematic image that illustrate a 1 pickup, 1 Volume diagram for a guitar in that style, eg. almost a Jr. except for the absence of the Tone knob. 1. Add a capacitor to convert the Vol. pot to a Tone Pot. Which lugs should be soldered? 2. Treble Bleed, cap + resistor. Which lugs should be soldered? For either 1. & 2. , should the wirings be modified?
  4. Hi everyone, Just posting the info for this app that may be used to learn, study, preview, etc , things related to the guitar fretboard. From Scales, related Modes, Intervals, add/del strings, changing tunings, etc. Nothing fancy, but it helps me so maybe it may help you too. It's free and available as a Google Chrome Extension. Since posting links is a bit suspicious, in case you're interested in, just go to the Google Chrome Store and search for the word: fretnotes or fret{notes} ps. once installed, read the content in the b
  5. Hey everyone, I'm Ken, new to the forums and not so new with the guitar. I'm 52 and a late starter on guitar, if I remember correctly I started when I was about 38 ... but I'm into music since maybe 10 when I've learned a bit of classical piano and then drums at 13. Any music/band that plays good music is good for me, but "good" is a bit vague so as examples I like bands like: Splender (90ies band), Binocular (Kevin Rudolf 2001), Signal (1989), etc Well, that's it for my intro here and i hope to be more active at the forums in the future ?
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