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  1. I have a 2019 LP Classic, when I bought it, the high frets were uneven and had to be milled. But it was all covered under Gibson warranty and now the guitar plays like a champ!
  2. How does it look from 5-10 feet away? can you take a picture of the entire guitar from a few feet away?
  3. I took a mobile light, lookin' for a moonbeam, whoa!Yeah, ya stand in line, ya got lost in a jet stream
  4. 170 Guitars????!!!! I just acquired no. 30 and was thinking I may be overdoing things. Thanks for making me feel better. 😸
  5. Solution is simple, just buy both! 🎸🎸
  6. Exactly why I keep all my guitars in their cases when not playing them.
  7. Davey Johnstone is the definition of "Underrated"!
  8. Met a man on the roadside crying, without a friend, there's no denying,You're incomplete, they'll be no finding looking for what you knew.So anytime somebody needs you, don't let them down, although it grieves you,Some day you'll need someone like they do, looking for what you knew.Mmm, I'm telling you now, The greatest thing you ever can do now,Is trade a smile with someone who's blue now, It's very easy just...
  9. All the young girls love Alice, tender young Alice they say. Elton
  10. That my friends would be Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick!
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