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  1. Spend more time practicing than drinking. 🍸🍻🍷
  2. Sure was, The guitar is in excellent shape and plays wonderfully. I'm glad I didn't pass on it, well worth the $1400.00
  3. I wonder how many copies of Jump On It were sold based solely on the album cover artwork.😜
  4. I'm thinking of buying a Ultra Stratocaster from The Music Zoo in NY. They seem to have a high customer satisfaction rating. Has anyone done business with them before? Would you recommend them as a legit seller?
  5. Serial number: 002660324 Per the seller: Inspection Notes: A few small scratches in the body, most notably on the tip of the lower horn. Some light tarnishing on the tailpiece. Production year: January 26, 2006 (Batch:0 Product nr.: 324) (Manufactured in Nashville) It was advertised as USED in Very Good condition.
  6. I have wanted an Explorer for a long time and took a chance and bought this thru Reverb, may have paid a bit too much ($1400 + tax), but it looks to be in great shape. 2006 Gibson Explorer Natural 76 Reissue natural https://ibb.co/THHNRtd https://ibb.co/bJLf82b https://ibb.co/Lgp1KHk https://ibb.co/7QdXBSj https://ibb.co/3sYb6yq https://ibb.co/KF1w2Y8 https://ibb.co/VNyxxqK https://ibb.co/BjkT87s https://ibb.co/NLTWk8Y https://ibb.co/XtB3yYR https://ibb.co/mJdjkK1 https://ibb.co/YfdK4zx https://ibb.co/k9FvSZZ https://ibb.co/g3S0X15 https://ibb.co/Fqx
  7. I have a 2019 LP Classic, when I bought it, the high frets were uneven and had to be milled. But it was all covered under Gibson warranty and now the guitar plays like a champ!
  8. How does it look from 5-10 feet away? can you take a picture of the entire guitar from a few feet away?
  9. I took a mobile light, lookin' for a moonbeam, whoa!Yeah, ya stand in line, ya got lost in a jet stream
  10. 170 Guitars????!!!! I just acquired no. 30 and was thinking I may be overdoing things. Thanks for making me feel better. 😸
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