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  1. Finally got my '77 LP Standard up and running and it plays like it's 1977 all over again! I changed all the hardware to black, even all the various screws. New tuners, strap buttons, bridge and end piece, nut, knobs, pickup mounting rings, etc., set up and intonated and ready to rock.
  2. Has anyone tried the White Explorer or the V Gibson put out earlier this year?
  3. Thank you rct, I'm on my way there now! efj
  4. I took my LP to a repair technician and I was told that the neck has an "S" shaped curve and the neck has a slight rise at the 22nd fret on the treble side, making the guitar fret out when playing on the high notes. He told me that this is something that should be covered under my Gibson warranty and that I should contact Gibson to inquire about having it repaired (milled). Does anyone know if this is correct and what the process for warranty work is? Thank you, efj2008
  5. Thanks mihcmac, Yes, the original is chrome, I was thinking of changing all the hardware to black. I saw the bridge with the rollers and liked that I would not have to file grooves in the saddles when installing. Are you saying this type of bridge would not work on this guitar? Thanks for any advice.
  6. I have a 1977 LP standard that has all original parts, I am trying to restore it by replacing some of the worn out parts. Can anyone tell me if this bridge will fit on my '77? or is there another model I need. Golden Age Roller Bridge - https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/bridges-and-tailpieces/bridges-and-tailpieces-for-electric-guitar/golden-age-roller-bridge.html
  7. Thanks to everyone, I think I will take it to a pro, I would not want to damage my LP doing it myself.
  8. I noticed my Les Paul was fretting out on the high frets and saw that the neck is bowed in the middle. I purchased it brand new in Aug. 2019 from a local Guitar Center. Is this something that is covered by the Gibson warranty? If so, can I take to a repair facility?
  9. Can someone tell me if it is normal for the rhythm tone knob to kill the sound when pulled up? The other 3 vol/tone knobs change the sound when pulled up, but the rhythm tone knob cuts off all sound when pulled up. Thank you, efj
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