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    I love mine! I sold my Les Paul Standard and My Standard SG' date=' they just werent getting the playing time. You can't go wrong.
  2. Great, and thank you for the answer. I guess I would like to get more information on the Memphis plant vs the other factories, there isnt much information on the web about Gibson Memphis. Your correct the guitardater is nothing more than a database, and they can only give out what they have for information.
  3. I did see the disclaimer about semi hollow bodied guitars...... OK, Let me clarify my question. Why say a guitar is made in Nashville when it is clearly from the Memphis shop? Is their a difference between the two facilities? if so what differences? They are located in two different cities, I was wondering why they are each not recognized as individual factories when referencing the guitardater or other serial number resources?
  4. Hi, From guitardater I have the following information, Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA May 29th, 2002 Production Number: 431 Gibson Nashville Gibson’s Nashville plant was opened in Tennessee 1974. All electric models and some acoustic models currently made at this factory. This facility has an average production rate of 220 guitars a day. Each guitar is built by hand and takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Note: Most hollow and semi-hallow body guitars are made at a separate plant in Memphis Tennessee. This facility has an average production rate of 40 guitars a day. My question is why is their a Memphis logo on the back of the headstock if it was made in the Nashville plant? Thanks Kevin
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