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  1. seen him last year for the 1st time at dte in michigan. 1st 5 songs were mother nature, heart of gold, old man, down by the river and [cant remember the other 1]. all by himself, fantastic. harvest moon was the 5th song. rest of the concert was good but wow cant ever remember a better start to a concert
  2. little confused. never seen a american eagle with banner on it
  3. i have a different feeling. had one way to bright. now i own a american eagle and it has way more of a j45 sound than the j35 did.
  4. nothing personal but this is worse than anything they do. no wonder I don't come here anymore
  5. Went to soaring eagle casino in Michigan last night to see Vince gill. not a big country lover but my wife is .but I love good guitar players and wow was I impressed. one heck of a player. acoustic wise he played martins but he did play a les paul and a hollow body Gibson. The amazing par was during his encore. He said he wanted to introduce a friend of his that was recording a couple of his songs. Out walked Bob Seager. How fricking amazing. The place went crazy{if you live in Mi you know how much of a icon he is here]. They played about a 10 minute version of old time rock and roll. Lol th
  6. I also have a bone saddle from colossi and bridge pins but have abalone dots on them. my saddle is snug not sloppy at all. huge improvement over the tusq. try thomastik strings they really sound great on the guitar.
  7. count me in love mine as long as arthritis takes it easy on me
  8. mine was one of the first built and has the gap between the fret board and rosette. so that throws this idea off. seems like my logo has a slight angle but compared to others not sure if different but definitely has the gap between fb and rosette.
  9. I must have the oddball. mine isn't bright at all . nothing like any taylor I have owned that's for sure.
  10. I put 12s on mine and they sound great. thomastik by far sound better than any I have put on and heck they are lasting as long as elixers did. definitely more bass with the 12s and thomastick strings. I also put a bone saddle and bridge pins from bob colossi on it. definitely a plus.
  11. a little info for every1 concerning the film on the j35 pg. Mine arrived when I purchased it without the film on it. I called Gibson and was informed that when they first came out most of them did not have the plastic film on the pg. I also was concerned about a return and Gibson said they did not have the film on it when they first came out. not sure why but still a great guitar.
  12. Gibson j-35 only can play 1 at a time

  13. I put bone saddle and bone bridge pins with abalone dots on my 35[from bob-custom saddles]. a must have. sound is even better. as for the back. no way should they stain it. the mahogany is some of the best I have ever seen and looks amazing. stunning doesn't describe it. as for tuners mine are not tight turning at all. but I can go a week without touching and still in tune. now for stings I love elixers they sound good on the guitar. but have thomastik-splectrum and the sound amazing.
  14. elixers take longer than 2 days to break in then they sound great
  15. they are quite but that works for me, just a couch player but everytime I play with them on I go wow. will have to try plectrums next
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