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  1. OK, believe it or not, I have never had a cellular phone. It is indeed possible to do without one. I would, however, like a better digital camera. My next purchase I guess. Thanks Sarge!
  2. Thanks to Everyone for your advice and experience. Forgive me for not posting pictures, I must get a new camera! First thing I will do is get an inspection mirror today and check my work. If I have the strings fitted properly I might cut the suggested reliefs in the pin to get a flush finish. When I change strings in a couple weeks I'll inspect the saddle fitment more closely to see if it wants to tilt. If it seems sloppy and prone to tilt I might replace with one that is sanded to fit with a little more "interference." It's my first Gibson, and such a great sounding instrument. One that fills a hole where my Taylor 310 can't go. Thank You Gibson community!
  3. On which count? The pin or the saddle. And how can I reply on this forum without having to quote everytime? Sorry about the "state" you are in.
  4. Brucebubs Never thought of this, but with the heavier winding on this string I can see where it might be needed. I will definitely do that after I get an inspection mirror and confirm that the ball end is properly seated.
  5. Thanks Jedzap. I recently learned from a luthier that the least damaging fitment in the long run is to fit the string with the ball end (or barrel) situated such that if it were a wheel it would be pointed as if rolling in the direction of the strings (down the neck) and not "sideways" Whether or not that is good information, it did cause me to use a flashlight and carefully insert each string prior to inserting the pins. So I like your suggestion of getting a mirror and see what I've got before I loosen 6th string, pull pin, and try again! Good info!
  6. The pin sits flush with no wiggle when strings are out. The saddle is loose as a goose with the strings out.
  7. I bought a "leftover" J15 for a great price. After many months I needed to change strings (which, by the way, Gibson no longer makes the 0.052, .041, .034, .025, .016, .012 set with the sound I loved) and got Ernie Ball Earthtones. I noticed after removing the strings that the saddle was very loose. Might not even stay seated if I inverted the guitar. Is that OK or normal for Gibson? Also, I tried several times to get the bridge pin for the 6th string to seat flush with the bridge plate but it wants to ride up a little while the others are flush. It tuned up fine and plays fine, just worries me seeing it up off the bridge. That string is a 0.53 instead of the stock 0.52, but that shouldn't be a cause. Never had these questions/problems come up on my Taylor or Yamaha. Thanks!
  8. I am focusing this reply based on your statement that you want a Gibson with a very different tone/sound than that of the Martin. All of the Gibsons suggested are great guitars, but some are more comparable to the Martin you already have. The J15 will be the Gibson model most different in sound quality from your Martin, in my experience. It has a real "punchy" mid range and excellent volume. It is very reasonably priced too, so there is very little to regret. Try one out. I bought it to have a completely different sound from my Taylor, and it sure does. The Taylor is now mostly reserved for fingerpicking and the J15 for flatpicking. Now I just need your Martin HD 28 to have 3 completely different sounds! Have fun with this.
  9. Thanks, needed some feedback. I guess I will start the string journey. I run Elixirs on my Taylor and I know that is not what I want on the J200. I'll check out those cleartone strings too.
  10. My J15 came with Gibson 80/20 Bronze Lights 12-53, or so I am told by Gibson. I want that same sound so I was going to replace with those when I saw the Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 Bronze Wound strings? I can't find a description for the differences. Anyone have experience with these two? If there is a "premium" alternative I have to ask!
  11. My J15 came with Gibson 80/20 Bronze Lights 12-53, or so I am told by Gibson So what is the difference between these and the Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 Bronze Wound strings? I want the same original sound, but what the heck, If there is a "premium" alternative I have to ask!
  12. I have looked for a place to talk with other G owners. Just found this and looking forward to this resource.
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