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  1. Dude thats red hot! I love it. I want an olive drab version!
  2. Yeah, I can see that. I was never a fan of black guitars before this one. Maybe I should not describe it in the thread topic...lol Oh well, guess that is why it sat around long enough for me to find it, and buy it! I am almost always a day late and dollar short! Not this time though!
  3. this was one of those "the guitar picked me" situations.
  4. Well' date=' no magic seeds, but I did not hesitate to buy it as soon as I found. It was one of those celestial moments! Right place at the right time, with enough money! lol Man, this thing is just full of life, and it feels like an old shoe! The 70's deluxes I had sounded muddy next to this one, the custom sounds like AM Radio next to this one, and none of them fill the pocket of my hand like this one does. It is just so smooth and rounded and feels broken in already! It is soooo Dynamic, and responsive. I can almost talk with it! I know so much of all that is also very personal, but it is "THE" les paul for me forever! Kinda suck having the perfect guitar, cuz really the hunt is soooooooo much fun. For the past year I have picked up all kinds of Les Pauls at every store I went into, and none feel quite right! What used to be fun is now Very disappointing!
  5. Thanx guys! You don't see many Ebony "top" Les pauls so I thought I would share it with you. I am the only and original owner of this one. I called Gibson before I purchased it to check its validity, and they confirmed from the serial number that it was a legit ebony top R6 1956 RI Gloss, and it was not a special order. There was a small run in 2007 (less than 10) with this top. Gibson would not confirm how many. They just stated less than 10! I love the gold top version as well, but it is always refreshing to see something different. Other than gold, how many other color tops do you see on a Historic? Thanx again, Lewd
  6. Thanx! I am a regular over on MLP forum, but I was reading a post from this forum, and decided I might as well register. I have tried to love a les paul for 20 years. Lots of lust & affairs along the way, but never love... Until now! Still only been a year so the honeymoon aint over yet, but you know when a guitar hits home! I have had (in order) 1989/90 Les paul Studio, 1969/70 Deluxe, 1976 Gold Top Deluxe, 1992 Standard, 1998 Les Paul Custom, and a 2007 Antique Classic H90. All were cool, but this Historic is from another planet!
  7. LOL, very funny! I took the guitar outside to get the pics in natural sun light as the flash on the gloss black does not make for good pics. Always a flashback!!!
  8. The perfect Les Paul does exist!!! I have owned it close to a year now(got it new) and it just does not get old. Hope you enjoy the eye candy!
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