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  1. Anyone ever solve this problem? I recently got an EF-500RANS and it came in a brand new Gator HScase, but it's really a dread case. The EF swims in it! As stated the EL0CS is not fit for the EF either, and lets face it, the lightweight cases were freakin' perfect!!! What happened to them??? Hoping for some new news... Thanx, Lewd
  2. My heartwood straps have the round wood pieces and actually feels great when rolling around on my shoulder! I got the first one for my dove acoustic guitar, so there was not much weight, but with the R6 it gives a shoulder massage!
  3. Funny stuff! I use a Ryno Heartwood strap. I have two' date=' and love them. Pricey, but cool! http://www.heartwoodes.com/ [img']http://www.heartwoodes.com/images/productimages_new/ryno-mahog-lg.jpg[/img]
  4. :- :- Ok' date= yeah, I am gonna be movin' on now. Things are just not working out... LOL J/K Honestly, if you have never, then you need to spend a little time and scratch to buy his last 3 CD's "Moanin' for molasses" Self titled "Sean Costello" and "We can get togeather"
  5. Ok, I will play! I have more to post, but will have to add a second post later. Short on time! 2007 R6 Ebony Top. My 1976 GT Deluxe my 2007 Antique Classic H90
  6. :- And still no one includes this man in their list! I assume most of you have heard of him right?
  7. I am floored no one mentioned Sean Costello!!! He is my favorite Les Paul Flavor! I was able to get his sound with a 2007 R6, and a Princeton Reverb! I can get it with my twin and a clean Boost pedal, but the wife and kids start screaming! :-) I love most of what has been posted, but blew my mind no one beat me to it! RIP Sean!
  8. She is a looker for sure! Pick Guard on! Looks more like a Ruby Burst to me... Too much red for TB.
  9. Looks legit to me. Just looks like he photoslopped the number out on the close up! common on the bay to avoid conterfitiing maybe? not sure, but it looks legit. He may not have the certificate! It does not say anywhere that it has one. If a black one is what you want, then I would go for it. Life is too short to have to wait for what you want. We all know black guitars sound and play the best ;-)
  10. JTM45 Combo, or JTM45 head and cab if you must go with a Marshall. I Like the Fender Princeton Reverb, along with the super reverb, and the Twin Reverb. my two cents
  11. no it aint fake, but it might be stolen!!! What's the serial number and where did you get it? I had the same guitar same color back in 91/92 and it was stolen in '92/93. Don't sweat it, I knew the guy, and I took hime to small claims court and won, though I never got the guitar back, or any money. I lay no claim to it...LOL just would be cool if it was it! The guy was a friend of mine to boot! that was worse than losing the guitar! Though I was 16 at the time, and could not afford to buy another one... That was a sweet sounding axe! I used to put those 24k gold strings on it back then too
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