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  1. I have played three of these. Here is my opinion... The thing is VERY light weight. The guitar is versatile sound wise. I got some good cleans and some raunchy dirties BUT...jack of all trades master of none? I played it through a '57 hand wired Fender, so keep in mind, I had them with a great amp. For the money I'd rather have an SG and a good MIM Tele and get the perfect sound from each. The excellent thing is it really is well made. I was looking it over and over and it didn't feel cheap or look cheap. This is important to me because I can understand a $500 needing some exc
  2. I skip the tears and go to anger. Because what I am sad about I try to be aggressive about... I want it to ROCK! and then I'm all fkd up afterwards but not crying just angry.
  3. Cool concept but those things never sound as good in person. Something about needing space and speaker size to give it the real sound or something. skeptical
  4. I don't use the super fancy stuff, but Hearos Rock n Roll do the trick. Easy to insert, pretty comfortable, easy to take out. Just bought a new pair because my dog tried to eat my old pair...ten bucks, or less.
  5. Jesus! I do workers compensation and there's a reason people get that type of insurance. Mechanics are always loosing fingers and crushing hands :( BE SAFE PEOPLE!!!!
  6. So cool! Glad you had a good time!
  7. The main things that keeps me going when writing songs: Finish it regardless of how you feel about it, even if "it sucks." If you still hate it later you can rip yourself off and use the verse riff for something better, or maybe you just need a better bridge and in a year that will come to you and now that song that sucked is awesome. Finish it!!!! Even if the lyrics are complete rubbish, the main thing is to have a vocal melody so that when the brilliant words come, you know what number of syllables you need per line and all that. If you hear it in a year and hate the whole thing, who car
  8. so...corny. man they got great voices for rock though!
  9. As a singer, when I touch the mic and get shocked...the whole night. ...my mom always hated drunk people who would sing too loud or have a really loud conversation while you're setting a mood. She was a lounge singer for a while.
  10. Izzy

    NSD, NPD

    The Jensen gave you more bass and more breakup. I will do it! My Vibrochamp is so clean. All stock. My SG overwhelms the poor thing...Maybe this will help!
  11. That Tarantino Kill Bill guitar was pretty cool!
  12. This is the strangest discussion I've ever seen on here. I did always have my doubts that it was a perfect circle, though. I figured the giant chicken that passed earth and the other planets couldn't have laid a perfect circle.
  13. I'd play that guitar. It looks so metal!!
  14. So, long ago I was all about Ava Gardner and read her hysterical autobiography and she said that Sinatra and Shaw were not good dancers while of course Mickey Rooney...well that had to have been why she married that fugly, though very talented man. He had moves. It was Ava's theory that musicians can't dance. I remembered this and thought, "I need to take a poll at the forum and figure out if any of these talented guitarists can move their feet...you know, for science! So, do you think there is a correlation? Can you dance?
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