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  1. So, my ES 225 needed tuners. Got a set of the new Kluson Deluxe Model # KD-3-NP. I wanted to keep the original bushings. All fit together easily. There just isn’t much room for strings, lol. The new bushings don’t look any different height wise then the bushings the guitar came with. Just wondering if I have the wrong set of Kluson’s? Its a refin’d 225 single P90 50’s Gibson I never thought I’d own. I just like the look of the original bushings. Thanks for any help! Tuner on the right with white button is the new tuner
  2. Ooooo a mystery. Nice to meet ya!
  3. @Dave F I get what you’re saying about spending too much on the repair. It’s a very small area and the only part I intend to have done. Not like a plastic surgery junkie lol. If it’s too much of course I’d just leave it alone.
  4. Six97s

    Share your ES's

    Yeah. I was shocked when I first saw it and somehow knew I would be the next guy to care for it. I talked to the guy over the course of 8-9 days I think. Was his dads guitar and wanted someone to take care of it, fix it and love it. He gave ma a really good deal on it. It’s a keeper.
  5. Thanks and nice to meet ya fellas! You guys are hilarious, hahahahaha. That really does put my mind at ease. Yeah, it’s so easy to play that I find myself picking it up a lot more than my Duo-Sonic (94, Mexican made) which really was a nice guitar. About 2005 I started to frequent an independent music store. Really old store, bad part of town, locked door, had to be let in. Looked like Sanford & Son inside. Most folks thought it was out of business. Guy starts to like me, long story short one day I walk out with a higher end Kay Speed Demon with 2 Kleenex Box Pickups. She’s Blonde, perfect and cheap (hmmmmm, lol) right down to the 2 tone chipboard case. Straight to the guitar shop with it for the works. Until I found this it was the nicest playing guitar I had ever owned. If I had owned this, back then, I would have seemed A LOT better than I was! Hahahahaha. Ok, sorry for rambling, the wife is watching cop show re-runs. I’d go play my guitar but, I kinda like her so..... take care fellas!
  6. Nice to meet you guys too.
  7. How are ya! Good luck on your search
  8. It’s pretty worn, all over. I know it won’t be a perfect match but, it’s got to look better than this. I’m going to take it to Koontz Guitar in Ferndale today. Mike Koontz is a Luthier. Not worried about it being expensive, I figured it wasn’t going to be cheap, lol. I’ll see what he says about it. Thanks
  9. Six97s

    Share your ES's

    Here’s my 55-58 (can’t see a stamp inside) ES 225 I just got from Craigslist a few weeks. Pretty sure it was a TN, obviously the Red is an older refin. I don’t mind it honestly, never thought I’d own a 50’s Gibson of any kind. It’s really nice otherwise, so easy for my hands to play. Bought it from original owners son. Here’s a couple pics.
  10. Hi all, need some help finding someone qualified to repair the upper right corner of this ES 225 headstock. I just picked this up on Craigslist here in the Detroit area. I got a really good deal on it. She’s not perfect, bumps and bruises all over but, it’s a 50’s Gibson, something I never thought I’d own. I’m the 3rd owner, got it from the original owners son. It is solid as a rock, neck is straight, joint is solid and most of the important pieces are there. I’ve put the correct vintage knobs and pickguard bracket on. Pretty sure it was an ES-225 TN. It’s an older refin, with lots of flaws. Pretty sure the neck is original finish. The headstock was sprayed in something sort of matching trying to match the body. I sanded some of that color off to reveal the original black finish underneath. I’d like to save as much of the original black as possible, if possible. I know there is Elderly Instruments in Lansing but I’m not sure if they do this kind of work. Please see the pics and thanks for any help.
  11. Hi, Scott here from the Detroit suburbs. Up front I’ll say right off I’m not the best player, don’t read music, community college class a bunch of years ago. Learned things myself. Spinal cord neck surgery 2 years ago. I went undiagnosed for 8 years, lots of nerve damage so I’m not the best player anymore. One day a month I can run through the intro to “The Lemon Song” without screwing it up too badly, lol. But I’ve always been an appreciator of vintage instruments. Two weeks ago on Craigslist I was able to work a deal for an ES-225TN with a Red refin. It needed a few minor things but all the important things are there. $1,000 for a 50’s Gibson, something I never thought I would own. I’m just going to get her going and love her. Anyway, that’s my story, glad to be here.
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