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  1. I there Gibson fans! happy new year! I just a bought a new ES 335 Dot Satin from 2019 and I’m a little bit confused with the pickups/electronics. it seems they have swapped in 2020 from Memphis Historic Specs pickups and electronic to Calibrated T-Type pickups and “more conventional” harness (I guess...) Is somebody here able to help me identify the pickup in photo? thanks in advance for your help! Thomas
  2. Hi Thomas here from France! hope you’re all well in this crazy situation... I recently bought a nice 2009 Firebird, I definitely love it! I cannot find many info on it so I’m having two questions for you connoisseurs: I read here and there that the pickups are not Alinco but ceramic, true or false? Love the look of the banjo tuners, still they are indeed really veeeeeery heavy... I saw that Kulson has launch some reissues in 2015, would they be lighter than mine? Thanks in advance on your answers and don’t forget to Laissez les bons temps rouler! Thomas
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