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  1. Yes, but poorly. 😛
  2. I bought this 1970 ES-335TD lefty in the early 80's. Never did master playing, so it has been sitting in its case most of the intervening years. It has a righty neck, which appears to be original.I called Gibson in the late 80's to ask them about it. Their reply was "If we were building a lefty and didn't have a neck in stock, we threw a righty neck on it". Is this true? Were lefty's special order in 1970, or did they just build a certain number? It has Grover tuners, the knobs were a mystery for a long time. I finally figured they are from Radio Shack! I have attached pictures, any info or criticism is welcomed.
  3. I just found this forum. I'll be posting pictures of my ES-335. It has an unusual feature that has puzzled me for almost 40 years. -kz1000
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