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  1. My hd28 had plastic pins but bone saddle and nut. It has bone pins now and what a difference it made. So now I will replace the pins on new Southern jumbo. Anyone know the specs for string height at 1st fret. Seems to be a lot of space in between. I was thinking remove the nut and take some off the bottom instead of working the slots individually. Like the bridge. How about the angle on the bridge? Never saw that before but this is my first Gibson. Anyone know how much it is? The whole set up is a bit high. Its has factory specs now 6/64 on bass 3/64 on treble. I have no experience setting up an acoustic and am gonna let it settle in for a while. I would appreciate any advice.
  2. I have 1 LP and 3 Strats(59,62 and 011 deluxe ash. 2 of my strats are retired and don't get out much.Ya'll guess which ones they are. Hint, both bought from pawn shops for about 350 each in early 70's. Carvin sh550 and my sweet little 55 Sherwood deluxe lap steel. On the acoustic side. A 72 Alvarez dread bought new in 73. Then my electrics for 40 years. (See above) 3 yrs ago a HD28 and last week a southern jumbo. I like Toy caldwell,Steve Gaines, leo kotke and Chet.SRV & EVH . To many to list.my favorite is the 59. Birth year.
  3. Hi kevin from Ireland. Wow that does sound like a keeper. I looked and played the AJ. If I had not already had a rosewood guitar with the long scale, I might have chosen one. I ended up with a southern jumbo.no regrets but still If I hand around long enough... congratulations on your AJ.
  4. I just got a new original series southern jumbo. I didn't go for the TV model because I wanted a mahogany giutar. I tried to find a Sheryl crow but no luck. Probably couldn't swing it anyway. I am happy with my SJ though. I have mot ever played a J50 only 45's and a humingbird. Looks like a nice guitar. And the Sheryl crow in the video. I think my SJ sounds very similar.
  5. I would have loved to have been able to sit down in a room filled with a few of each. Even one of each. I also picked the original sj. However, I did send the first one back. It sounded tinny and thin not robust with a growl like the 45's I got to play and the southern jumbo I ended up with. So that particular guitar(1st SJ) did sound different but not in a good way.I'm convinced now because of that it would be easy for some to say they sound different but not the one I ended up with.It to me sounds just like a J45 and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in them. The situation could be reversed too. I have heard dud 45's but I do think that on a consistent basis they are the same structurally and sonically sound as similar as two similarly made guitars can be. At least the newer ones. There are always the special ones that are produced magically for undetermined reasons that can't be duplicated. Perhaps you got lucky and found the one. I am happy for you. I know I love mine. Thats what makes it speacial to me. Its mine!
  6. Hi Al Pike.Yes,I'm sure that is true. There were changes to both through the years. I was only referring to the newer models and only to the J45'S I played which were all mahogany. I only could make the comparison after the purchase of my SJ too because I could not find one.I passed on the TV model because I already have a RW guitar.Generaldeedle you didn't say which model you played that was more articulate. TV or the original. I certainly think that the TV would be more articulate.My personal thoughts on the break angle which is all I can see that is structurally different between the two is the SJ center holes would be stronger bridge support than the back holes on the J45 but I don't believe it changes the overall tone.maybe a little if your picking right by the bridge but I don't really know.
  7. Yes, I too have heard others say the same. Unfortunately I was unable to make a comparison. I could not find a store within 300 miles of columbia SC that had a southern jumbo. I did find a 50's J45 but no standard and never more than the one. I had to go big box. After it breaks in a bit I'm gonna lower the action a little but other than that I'm happy. I got it for the same price as the J45 so the extra bling is icing on my cake. I guess all of any of the same models may sound somewhat to a lot different. This being different models even more so but I believe in a blind sound test the two would be fairly equal and it would suprise me to be able to tell them apart consistently but I am sure there are exceptions as well as individuals with better ears than mine and I have been consistently wrong at times. I do like my new southern jumbo a lot and it is from the original series. Not a TV. It sounds to me just like the 50's J45 I did play and very similar to a buddy that has a real 50's (not as loud and defined but similar)and another with one that has but a few years. Its spot on.
  8. Opps,I probably should have posted to the proper topic. I apolizige. On this topic I only wanted a J45 but after looking at specs and seeing it is the same guitar structurally and then the price difference.well,to someone that likes parallelogram inlays,boundfretboard ect.like me. It was an easy decision. I do see the string peg difference but unless I missed something ( always possible ) I'm sure it is the same guitar. I will say this. I was not able to locate a j45 or a southern jumbo that had a top that looked as good as the picture they use to sell them. The hamburger never looks as good either but it always taste pretty good and my new SJ has a plain top without much silking but its free of any knots or blemishes, it tight and even grained and sounds exactly like my uncles 50's J45. Just not as pronounced.yet.
  9. Hey ya'll, After my new southern jumbo is played a bit and broken in I'm gonna lower the action just a tad. Did I mention that it is from the original series and not the TV(as much as I wanted)There seems to me to be a lot of space between string and first fret. Can anyone tell me what is correct distance. Also,when lowering the strings would it be more practical to remove the nut and work on the back rather than the slots. The radius looks fine. It's just high to me. However, I don't have a lot of experience working on acoustic guitars other than taking the bridge down and truss rod adjustment. Any advice on relief, string height at 12th. How much is too much ect... yeah, I know its too much when it starts buzzing.haha. I've started using 11 gauge strings lately. At least I will when I do the work. It is not abnormally high at nut but I need it to be as easy to play as possible and it does appear it could come down some. Perhaps I should just work on bridge and see.what do ya'll think?
  10. Ha! Thanks forty.Yeah I wasn't gonna try to achieve that. It was supposed to be 1moreguitar but the 2 snuck in there and I hit the submit before I caught it. Thanks,I do realize how fortunate I am to have most of the use of my fingers although there has had to be some adjustments and my heart goes out to any and all that for health reasons are having to put their playing on hold or worse a stop. A bicycle is a great idea JT. I appreciate your kind words and wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks.
  11. ThanksThanks forty years pickin, it's great to shoot the breeze with my fellow musicians. I think its good therapy as I have spent 3 of the last 5 years having 3 surgeries on my fret hand and then rotator cuff on R shoulder. The last 2 have been rehabing and getting it back. And I have done better than expected by my Dr. as well as myself. The down time was excruciating.The thought of not being able to play again was all the motivation I needed to do the brutal rehab(ruptured tendons on ring and middle fingers) My new SJ is my present to myself because at this pont in my life I am my hero.haha.no really!Anyway, The Southern jumbo IMHO is the cats meow and I have wanted one since the first time I laid my eyes on one.a long time ago. I am a happy picker. Great to be a part of the forum.
  12. I just got my new SJ-45. I wanted an older one but the interest free loan was too good to pass on. So,what do I think? I absolutely love it. It sounds better than any of the older ones I played and a dang site better than the new one I sent back because it sounded "tinny " and had bookmatched knots in the top and no silking. Not acceptable for a 3g guitar. I also have a Alverez Dreadnaught I purchased in 74( I was 15) for $165 that has better wood( especially the top)is every bit as great sounding (more of a M sound) yet weighs at least 2 lbs more. Its been played right alongside many other high end guitars that do not start with a G and held its own. It still is my baby despite owning a few others and I would not sell it for any amount.Go figure. Ah! Back to the southern jumbo. No doubt a fine head turning instrument and I actually paid less than a standard or 50's J45 because of a sale this time of year. I love the short scale but the strings are a bit close for finger picking. At least my fingers anyway. Still, I am tickled as I can be and am doing my very best to break it in Flat picking and just having a ball doing it. It is a fantastic guitar and I absolutely love it and know its a Gibson from the first strum.
  13. Hi everyone, great to shoot the bull with my fellow musicians, I am an older country boy (SC) and music has been my passion most of my life. I am 61 and been playing since about 13 or so. I recently had two years where I could not play at all and only after a year of PT was I able to make a fist (Ruptured tendons on my middle and ring fingers and a tendon harvested from my pointer to repair everything) and start using my fingers once again. I am at about 60% of where i use to be and getting my fret hand back little by little. I am so very grateful and happy to be able to play again. While I may not ever be able to play like I used to but I can still do it and getting stronger and better every day. I just wanted to say hi. Most of my experience has been in electrics but the down time and playing alone has made me an acoustic fan too. I look forward to many fun conversations with any and all.
  14. The southern jumbo and the country western are in my eyes the most fantastic examples of just the right amount of show (bling) to go on a guitar without making it where you wouldn't want to take it out to the river or park or a honkytonk or just anywhere it could get scratched or bruised. I love Humingbirds, Doves too. They just are so pretty and sound so sweet. You are ready to fight for them and defend them from being used improperly or passed around recklessly. But an Southern jumbo or a country western! They are ready to go out and put a tear in your beer. With a little class. Its like they wore there sunday best to the barn dance Saturday night. I am awaiting my brand new SJ and can't wait to take her out to meet the boys.
  15. I too have an HD28 and wanted a Gibson. I settled on the southern jumbo over the J45 just because I think they are sharp. The martin is definitely louder and is just starting to open up but the SJ45 is sweet and easier to play as I am getting older. Also have had a couple of surgeries on my fretting hand. Ruptured tendons. I was out of commission for a year and now really appreciate the shorter scale.It took months of PT before i could make a fist again. I devoted all my down time to the slide on my 55 Sherwood deluxe lap steel for quite awhile but now I'm enjoying the benefits of really getting some practice in. The SJ is just fine as the Martin just different. It's like having two girlfriends that are ok with each other.
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