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  1. I had a same tremolo with the same block that broke (after 30 years). I was looking for replacement without luck. I ended up modifying an aftermarket floyd rose by using dremel and expanding one of the edge holes to ensure that the studs with 71 mm spacing would fit. As such, I made no modifications to the guitar whatsoever, only risked $100 for the tremolo, but in the end it worked out well and it is working like a charm. The guitar has the super low action and it is playing like a dream. If I had to do it over again, I would purchase one of the better floyd rose tremolos instead of the one I did. Also had to saw off the half of the hex nut shown on the bottom of the tremolo as it was too large for the existing cavity. There was no impact to tremolo arm operation.
  2. Hi, what did you end up doing? the same thing happened to my block, same model.
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