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  1. Well, I couldn't afford the SJ200 so I'm saving for that one. I got him a really nice ukulele, lol! he likes it. Got a good one. I was bummed about the Gibson but I should have that by spring.
  2. I’m going to have to Google that just so I can see what it looks like. He’s always been super responsive to my emails.
  3. I got a hold of Wildwood, he's working on a price. Told him they come highly recommended. It's ok about the settings, no problem. Gave me a point to ask about when I get this ordered. I wouldn't have known otherwise. Love to learn!
  4. I emailed Bruce. I've come to see this isn't as easy as I thought. We have Guitar Center and Sound Exchange. I'll speak with SW and get a good price and talk about the setup. Because, yep, can't ask too much without spoiling it. I had no clue it needed setup πŸ˜‚ To me a guitar is a guitar. Aside from it being elec or acoustic or shaped different. It's ok if you laugh, I like to make people laugh. You've all been more helpful than you know btw! Godsend to have found this forum and helpful guitar enthusiasts. It's nice when I see him enjoy playing. Funny but I probably won't notice
  5. I need to call Wildwood, they have not responded to 2 emails...
  6. I'm not 100% on how many he tried. We were watching a video and I was like, oh he has a Taylor, then I said I kinda watch guitars now. I don't know how many he tried. I'm working with Sweetwater at the moment. I thought I messaged Wildwood - might try again because I never got a reply. I don't have the cash yet so I'm shopping. He sits and plays the Epi fine so that should't be an issue. IdK one thing about setup, I suppose if/when I order that'll be another thing I'll need to know. Again, I truly appreciate all of your input, it helps. I think I'll still go for the SJ200
  7. Hi guys - So I was talking to him about his guitar. He was saying he went and tried lots of them and the one he has just flows and is so easy to play. Ok, I don't get that because I don't play. am I making a mistake buy not just getting him a gift cert? He did say he ordered the EPI online but I think maybe he'd played one at a shop. I know I could sell it but he'd be the kind who would never tell me if it wasn't a great guitar. He'd be afraid to hurt my feelings. I just want to be kinda sure the gibson will play as well or better. Sorry if that sounds dumb but I just d
  8. Thanks again everyone πŸ™‚ I went to Guitar Center yesterday just to look but they didn't even have ONE Gibson to look at. And, yep, I know Martin and a few others. I just want Gibson because he said it'd be awesome sound and honestly, this man is so nice he really doesn't spend money on himself so I sure hope to pull this off, I think I can. I even made myself a special savings account for it. I think all of the support here is great! i saw a KOA on line and wow, gorgeous but I think that's a little more than I can afford or it'd be my #1 pick, the wood is just beautiful.
  9. It'll have to be the SJ200 then. I can't wait!
  10. they are beautiful guitars, I'm going to get the darker sunburst when I get the $. You've all been so helpful and I'll refer to this on my search. I'm saving the $$ but this will be most helpful as I choose. I'll be sure to post what I buy. I'm super excited, I can't wait! I did see all of the Japanese sellers on ebay but I'm probably not going that route. Too bad they make them there 😞
  11. I'm hoping to stay around 4500 or less. thanks everyone, I know he'd be amazed to have one. He has a Lucille but doesn't play it, he plays the acoustic. I don't know how important being new is, I have looked on ebay and reverb but didn't really know what to look for. This will at least get me started. no sister, lol!!
  12. Hi, I'm wanting to get my boyfriend a nice Gibson. He has the Epi EJ200 and likes it a lot but said an actual Gibson would be amazing. I'm not sure about guitars, I'd like something he could plug in if he wants to. What models are going to be similar to the Epi? Thank you so much!! I kinda like the cutout style but not sure that's necessary.
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