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  1. Thank you so much!!!! Now everything makes sense, i noticed someone changed one of the knobs......
  2. The truss rod is original. This picture may help find out whats the original model by the back cover shape.
  3. The pickups at least the pickups are originals
  4. the more I disassemble this guitar the stranger it gets. the tail piece is from epiphone
  5. I just figured out that the bridge is a TONE MONSTER TB012 Piezo Transducer Guitar Bridge TOM Tune-O-Matic SEB3P Preamp ( ???????)
  6. Hi! I traded an epiphone les paul, marshall amp and a delay pedal on a gibson SG, the problem is I don't know wich exactely is my guitar model ( I look dumb trading a guitar that I don't know the model but still a good deal). What puzzles me is that the input jack is in the side and the pickup selector key is on the right of the knobs. It has g force tuners, the bridge have some kind of hardware at the bottom, the input jack is a neutrik locking input, and locking straps. I tried contact gibson with 4 different e-mail (sometimes the asked some photos and never hitted me back or didn't answered my e-mails), I also tried the send some messages. I am starting to think I got a "chibson." Thanks, Mateus. (019880332 is the code number, I will try to send some pictures)
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