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  1. Good Morning and thanks again for your input about the Hipshot Supertone Bridge. Still up in the air about the Hipshot and the Babciz 3 point. Just concerned that the Babciz will come with a set of studs that will fit the bushings in the Bass. Your Bass looks GOOD with the Hipshot installed...……..So after seeing your set up, I'm leaning towards the Hipshot . Thanks again
  2. Thank You Lunginsam...…….The washers you mentioned, would they be M8 washers ? I read about using the M8 washers as you mentioned which helps the situation to keep the studs in the body from pulling out if you over tighten the bolts. Now, did the Hipshot come with the correct size bolts to match the stud size on the Bass ? I was also looking at the Babicz 3 point bridge also which happens to be a few bucks more than the Hipshot. Seems the Hipshot offers all the same as the Babciz benefits but also the ability of string spacing.
  3. I recently purchased a Gibson Les Paul Tribute DC Bass and was just wondering if any one has replaced the stock Gibson Bass Bridge with a Hipshot Super tone replacement [3 Point ] or a Bibicz 3 point replacement Bridge. If so, was there a significant difference ? And also how easy/hard is the stock bridge to adjust ?
  4. Has anyone played one of these ?? Let us know what you think.
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