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  1. Well thanks for that tip! The tuners are 50 years old and hardly smooth and with no rattles so I figured that the problem was somewhere else. I swapped the high E tuner for the G tuner and there was an instant improvement! I have ordered a new set of Kluson tuners. Now for a refret!
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'll try tweaking the truss rod to see what happens. In all these years I haven't adjusted it because I've never needed to! It's very stable in that respect. The brass block has made a noticeable difference and if I grip the headstock firmly it gets even better! It also needs a fret job. It was from that period when the rage was wide, flat frets.
  3. Greetings. I have a 1970 ES 335 TDC which I have had since 1980. I have always had a love/hate relationship with it. When the open G string is plucked, the neck vibrates and the note feels and sounds unpleasant! I recently replaced the trapeze tailpiece with a stud which has helped a bit but even with that and a LARGE block of brass screwed to the back of the headstock, it is still not right. I could never bring myself to part with it though because I am left handed and mainly a bass player and it is now a part of the family. I am considering removing the fingerboard and putting in a couple of graphite rods in the neck. I've done it before to my equally bad '72 Precision bass with great results but would obviously prefer not to! Any thoughts?
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