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  1. I was given this guitar in 2003 after returning from spending nearly a year in Iraq. The guy barely knew my mother but had a heart of gold. He invited me to come jam at his place and he had stacks of guitar cases and a badass drumset. I'd been out of practice and pretty shy fearing id sound like **** so I didn't take advantage of the connection and get to know the guy. I regret that. Maybe he's on here, that'd be cool! Anyhow, long story but the guitar had been in storage since then. He told me he put old gibson hardware onto this flying V. Not sure why... perhaps just spare parts. You guys seem to enjoy investigating as much as I, can you help me identify some of these components? My search began with the humbuckers and I got lost into a rabbit hole... These pickups and tuners seem pretty old just by looking at their manufacturing quality. The V itself is a 1998 and its an epiphone case. Looks much older than the guitar. Can ya’ll help point me in the right direction?
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