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  1. I shouldn't have waited to confirm with Gibson. Someone with a more experienced eye snapped it right up. Ah well. Next time...
  2. Gibson customer support says it's legit (consistent with), but not an LP Classic. It's a 2009 LP Traditional Pro. $1,250. Looks like a pretty good deal for one of these. I may have to pick this up.
  3. The seller ID's this as a 2009 LP Classic, and it is obviously a 2009 guitar, BUT the Classics have inked serial numbers, right? This is indented. And the SN starts with "02" even though it says "Made in USA 2009" just below it. If it is a fake, they got some things right, like the neck binding overlapping the fret ends. I really hope this is real, because I have GAS and it's a nice price! 😅
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