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  1. Must be nice!! Then again, that can be added if really needed.
  2. Wow! Thanks for all the responses, I actually forgot I posted this up. I snagged my 2014 Studio not long ago as I wanted the more simplified guitar. I only really need the single tone/volume master knobs, and I don't like the pickguard on the 335's. And it wasn't a big deal to me in the beginning as I've never owned a guitar with binding. But with mine being all ebony in color, the no binding looks really good to me. The factory pickups sound great, in fact the only things I've done to mine is put on a set of GraphTech Ratio locking tuners (If you've never heard of those, I urge you to look into them.) I feel every guitar needs locking tuners... I also ordered a "post" 2014 Gibson GraphTech black TUSQ XL nut as the one on the guitar seems to be made of plastic, and the clear coating is peeling off and looks gross. Oh, and for fun I had a custom engraved TRC made that says "Memphis". Always thought a blank TRC was a missed opportunity. I've got a friend who has a brand new set of GraphTech saddles that will fit the guitar he said I can have for free, so once I have them in hand I might try them out on the next string change. The contact point for strings can never be too slick IMO, and GraphTech makes great product. I do wish the 2014 had the upgraded truss rod, somebody mentioned rounded fingerboard edges, but the ones on mine feel great so don't think I'm missing out there. Also, you say locking bridge was on the 2015 but not the 2014? Is that the two tiny allen screws in the front of the bridge so it doesn't move with the adjustment wheels? Because my 2014 has that as well. Thanks again everybody!
  3. I purchased my first Gibson guitar about a week ago a 2014 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Studio. I absolutely love the stripped down simplified form of this guitar. But it is hard to find any info on this guitar, and the info I do find it seems to list both the 2014 and the 2015 in the same group. Both have the simplified single master tone/volume pots, the output jack is on the side instead of on the top, Grover tuners, maple block, and no pick guard. But I came across a video from NAMM 2015 in the Gibson booth where they claimed there are improvements with the 2015 Studio but they didn't go into detail. Now I cannot find a comparison of either guitar, hell I can't find actual build sheets on either guitar. Does anybody know the different between the two? What were the improvements made in the 2015 model over the 2014? I guess in the long run it does not matter because I have a 2014, but curiosity is besting me.
  4. Hey everybody, name is Josh I'm 35 and I've been actively playing guitar for about 5 years now. I'm self taught so I've got a LONG ways to go in my playing. I've always been a Fender Stratocaster guy but was never 100% happy with the sound of the single coils. I had a chance to get into a Gibson and went for it. I picked up a '14 ES-335 Studio in ebony, and currently play it through my '59 Fender Princeton Tweed. The sound is amazing, dare I say "Holy Grail"? Speaking of that, only pedals I use is my Polytune 3 and an EHX Holy Grail Neo. Hope to learn a lot and get to know some of you, until then thanks for having me.
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