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  1. You need your head read if you drink either regularly. Disgusting sugar water that has to be served close to freezing to trick you that it's refreshing and hydrating. Try tasting it properly at room temperature. 🤮
  2. S T E V E/trollboy. I used to love his Friday night vodka posting.
  3. He was in London, as it happens, so like all musicians needing somewhere to meet we went to Ain't Nothin But (The Blues) just off Oxford Street. Pretty good and the first time I've been anywhere for 18 months. Bloody good night out.
  4. Either pup being at 0 in the middle position should silence the other as well. That's normal. The only problem you have is 0 output on the rythm position. Sounds like you probably shorted something to ground when wiring the switch.
  5. Also, before replacing pots you might try spraying some switch cleaner in the and working them back and forth.
  6. There should be no meltable insulation inside a reissue. It should be cloth and braid. A vos model shouldn't have any fake aging. They just omitted the final buff so it appears slightly matt. Also, the VOS finish didn't appear until 2006. Can you post a pic of the guitar in question. I'm pretty sure it should have 500k CTS pots (audio taper) and 0.022uf fake bumblebee caps.
  7. Indeed. Probably the best nutter ever seen in these parts. I went and met up with Roger this evening, can't remember his forum name (long gone from here).
  8. And Jake Ludwig. Now that would be fun.
  9. We just need FuzzyFred to make an appearance now!
  10. h00ly sl00shtone. Dem00n! H0w ar y0u? Farnsbarns, BTW.
  11. I've always wanted to be called for jury duty but I never have.
  12. Sorry to say, I think it looks hideous and sounds dead and muddy 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  13. Quit simple. Normally the mahogany doesn't meet the binding. There's normally a bit of maple cap showing on all Les Pauls since the 50s except a chunk of time in the 90s when a thicker binding was used.
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