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  1. Salt sanitised hot tub we put in over the summer.
  2. I'd love to blame autocorrect but I'm really not sure that wasn't straight typos 🤣.
  3. Last year I ordered a wah from Anderton's. It was out of stock but could be pre-ordered with an estimated delivery in about 4 weeks. After ordering they sent me an email which simply gave a later date, no explanation or wording to explain that. Just a different date in the instant order confirmation to that which was on the site. Never mind, I just started waiting. A week after it was due, and with no word from them at all I decided to call. The indifference felt forced, like they wanted to project the attitude of not caring, I'm just an individual and they're the great Andertons. They offered no explanation, no apology, no new estimate for delivery, just an attempt to sell me an entirely different product and a kind of "so what" attitude. That's put me off Andertons, I'm afraid. A little bit of customer service and polite attitude goes a long way.
  4. While I agree I still don't like the "new Gibson". They might be managing the product lines better but I can't get past all that crap going after people and trying to assert ridiculous trade marks 50 years too late and all that. They were slimey and underhand about it and when they were called on it they tried to wriggle and redefine what they said after the event. Then they went after people anyway. I have one Gibson left and that's the last for now.
  5. Ah, the job's good. I was furloughed all summer but back at it now. We were in the midst of shifting the business model and developing our own product and platform, more scalable, and I think that put us in as good a place as we could have been. Still not good for a firm of 5 people, but if we had been in a phase of chasing customer development work we'd probably have been in trouble. We'll be launching on Kickstarter in Q2 or 3.
  6. Also, I don't actually feel much difference under the fingers. It's not like they sliding out from under me like I thought they would.
  7. Firstly, Hi Rabs, how are things going. It's been a long time. I still have all those juicy off cuts you gave me and I've still got the Damascus billet and I still don't have a knife. That turned into a one day job. A lot has gone on since then 🤣. Some years ago now pippy convinced me to try pure nickel strings. I like them at first but soon changed my mind. Under my fingers they had less definition and clarity. It was a few more years before it occured to me to try pure steel strings. I'm never going back. Then I saw a video maybe a year ago. Who knows, I've lost track of time. I think I've been in the kitchen for a week 🤷🏻‍♂️. A bunch of guitarists all tried 11's, then 10's, 9's etc and they were all surprised that they prefered the sound as they went down in guage. I tried 9s, pure steel. It has changed everything for me.
  8. I'd forgotten about this. Thanks all! Hope everyone's lives can start getting better this year.
  9. It even your non binary, non partner accomplice.
  10. Or your husband's, for the female members?
  11. Do the chaps on the far side of the wet get GBBO on the telly? Do you watch it? Do your wives watch it?
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