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  1. I'm prepared to argue with a wally all day long. OP seems to have come along with something not only innocent, but interesting too. Seems to have a great attitude as well. Far more humility and patience than me. 💩
  2. It's not even the right shape. Must be a vintage fake. They've got much better.
  3. I don't understand all the grief the OP is getting. I think you handled it well. I think you got an outcome you deserved. I think you handled yourself on here admirably in the face of some ludicrous opposition. As for the oxymoron thing, you're quite right. Passive aggressive makes perfect sense to literate people <- I even came up with an example. 😜
  4. Sadly, definitely fake. Even the body is the wrong shape.
  5. Of your processor has the Spectre security bug it isn't supported by Windows 11. MS quite sensibly decided to leave that behind. Throttling miltitjreading becuase of security concerns has no future. Of you're using an older chop with win 10 the fix is causing you a major hit on multithread apps already (not on Windows 7, that wasn't patched but you'll have a high risk security flaw) and upgrading would be good advice. I have a very new laptop (actually a "mobile workatation" with a Quadro RTX 3000, 64gb, nvme m.2 ssd, TPM, all that) but I won't be upgrading soon. I use a lot of obscure software which will mean it's a while before I can. Also, don't use wine I'd you have an amb Ryszen, epyc or threadripper CPU. L3 cache latency will kill the performance. The beta build has fixed it but the latest public build hasn't.
  6. That's sad news. I remember him. Interesting guy.
  7. Was thinking of this thread today. My phone is quite new. About a year. Galaxy S20 Ultra. It's started complaining about moisture in the usb port recently. It's under warranty but that means sending it off and no doubt getting the runaround. I decided to trade it in for £500 off another Samsung. I went with the other folding model. The other extreme. Won't be here till a week on Friday so wireless charging only for a while.
  8. Been known on other models as well. Can't remember any examples but I'm sure it has.
  9. Not with a Sonex. I presume whoever did the neck swap wanted to keep the original TRC. Not really unlikely. How is the neck attached? The serial seems odd. I'd have to assume those are badly stamped 8s but then it makes no sense.
  10. It's no Gibson. I'm certain of that.
  11. Christ. A reference to a specific Eminem lyric on a guitar forum was optimistic.
  12. Yeah, and I appreciate it 🤣. Rest assured I was asking on behalf of Razed.
  13. Anyone know where I can get a good alternative to an epiphone clone bigsby for similar money? 🤣
  14. Did anyone ever work out the Harvey Weinstein reference? Or Stan?
  15. 1. On the contrary dear fellow, I love it when a prat comes along and does being a prat. 2. I didn't advise anyone that, that makes no sense? 3. I don't know where you got being a victim from. You're the only victim. A victim of your massive ego (or perhaps something else, 🤏). All your other points were completely unintelligible. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. It's the internet. Being tough isn't a thing on the internet. As for the lightning in your hand, you'll probably go blind.
  17. If we handle this just right it could be a great deal of fun. I can't remember the last time we had one of these.
  18. Who are you addressing? You do know many of us have known "Mr Clown" for over a decade? Are you hoping for support or recognition. ATM you just look a bit silly. If I were you I'd take my own advice and drop it.
  19. I think that's a "pre historic". What's the serial, can't quite make it out. The long neck tenon and solid bodies started at the end of 93 when the custom, art and historic division separated. Those made earlier are known as "pre historic" and have short tenons and weight relief.
  20. Thing is, I know these things, yet at least once a year or so I will spot that I got it wrong two or three days earlier. Not because I didn't know, just because I'm fallible, and sometimes in a hurry, and tired, and drunk and....
  21. Glad you took it well and gained from it! Easy to remember as a set. There's no possessive apostrophe in his, hers, mine, yours, ours, theirs or its. 👍
  22. I was only poking fun at a correction that had a mistake. Even better that I also made a mistake.
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