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    1936 L-00

    I inherited a 1936 L-00 from my Aunt. I remember as a boy, long time ago, her having it at her house. A student at a luthier program at Morrisvile (NY) Community College said he could "fix" it up. Needless to say he destroyed all of its original splendor and it has sat unfinished for years. I remember it having the Sunburst finish . You can see from the photos that it has been completely stripped down and the bridge is not original. I have had a couple of Luthiers look at it but seem hesitant to touch it. One said it looked like there was adhesive patterns on the sound board (I do know it had had some masking tape attached to it for quite some time). I have the Klausen 3:1 tuners. I do not know why any "student" would remove the original Gibson script logo, change the bridge and do some sort of re-drilling of the headstock (maybe that's why that program is not at that school any longer)?! Anyway, I am looking for advice on what to do with this instrument. Aside from cosmetics, it does appear to be have good structural integrity. Is it worth restoring? Would restoring it cost more than it is worth? Is it sellable to anyone in its current condition? These are the questions I am dealing with. I would like to have something that is playable and looks original, but I don't know if that is possible. Any advice, comments, etc. are surely appreciated. PS The stamped number on the neck block appears to be: 837B with a red pencil #15 underneath it. PSS Having trouble getting photos into forum.
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