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  1. Well, here's another -65: https://www.creamcitymusic.com/vintage-1965-gibson-j-50-dreadnought-natural/
  2. Cool find, thanks! Any idea if some maintenance can bring them back to function as you'd want? Right now the turning is pretty rough and the top E & B-strings slip after awhile. Any tips?
  3. Wow thanks! Knew I'd get some knowledge here 😄 The mounting screws will have to drilled for 3-on-a-plate ones, I guess I'll to try to fix these up in first hand!
  4. Neither had I, until I started digging a bit, found a few here: https://reverb.com/item/35614052-gibson-1967-j-50-adj https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-J-50/264730752444?hash=item3da32eb5bc:g:pVQAAOSw85JevXjF https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-J-50-1966/264773454661?hash=item3da5ba4b45:g:Z6IAAOSwjDJe8i~2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-B-25-CH-1967-Vintage-Acoustic-Guitar-j0609/193626544149?hash=item2d150a9815:g:ovkAAOSw10FeLTU3 The last one lists it as "Original open back"
  5. Hi! I bought a 1967 Gibson J-50ADJ last month. The tuners are not the usual 3-on-a-plate Klusons which would be standard on the J50's (see attached pic). These tuners are slipping, so I ordered brand new 3-on-a-plate Klusons which would be the period-correct ones with my mind set on changing it back to stock. Although after some research, I've found a few J-50s from this period with the exact same tuners as mine. Does anyone have an idea if these chrome-tuners were original on some J-50s back in the 60s? I can't really locate any potential covered up screw holes for the plate-Klusons. And what are they, I'm assuming some sort of Kluson? I wanna keep the guitars as much as original, so I will have to find replacement for these. Thanks!
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