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  1. If you can find some gibson 57's out of a Epiphone Tribute they are four wire. They should fit your needs.
  2. I think that you will like the Tribute with a 60's neck. I sure do. I like the Trans black like minehttp://[/img]
  3. Man your smart, but I do like my plus top too!!! I know that it is veneer. I like the look. Hoss
  4. My Tribute is a one piece top. I pulled the pups out and found NO veneer. I hope that I spelled that right. I bought mine on 4-9/10 and the sound is getting warmer.
  5. To me I like the 60"s neck, but that's me. You will find the one you like. I have the Tribute with the 60's neck and I love it. But thats me.
  6. one piece neck? One piece chould be multi. if the glue is right. LOL
  7. I did the same thing on my tribute. Just had to pull the pups out when I re-strung mine to check out the one piece. Now on my standard plus. I did the same. Seems to be a multi top with a book match veneer wich everybody knows.
  8. Nice guitar. I wonder way my Trans Black Tribute has a one piece maple top, and your's has a three piece??? Strange
  9. I like the middle position. Just dial down the neck pup abit. To around 7 and it sound great. IMO
  10. Yep, they told me that they are not allowed to. Thats all they said.
  11. Thanks shiggypoo. I'm sure your sunburst looks good too. Glad I could help with your strap problem.
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