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  1. hi damo! no "steve" thread from me this weekend i'm affraid :(

  2. oh i see, sorry matt lol

  3. not by the defence league, but others may see you as one lol

  4. links don't work XD?

  5. mods please delete this mundane thread, it's gone on long enough...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjZpqgeiGFQ&feature=player_embedded#at=17
  7. TG, i went over there once or twice ages ago...can't remember my password, i'll check it out later cheers :o)

  8. a good nights sleep usually works for me...
  9. gorgeous flame on that!, i prefer it with the pg off but that's just me
  10. gary moore signature lp 2000 model, made from 2000-2002...all mine
  11. hello matey, sorry for late reply as on just got back online about an hour ago! lol motherboard on the pc fried :o\...not bought any planks yet mate but when i do you guys will be the first to know :o)

  12. that has to be the best way anyone has ever described me
  13. what phone you got?, normaly i put the cd in the pc drive and rip it to windows media player, then connect my phone to the usb port via the cable i got with the phone then open up the sony ericcson media centre and transfer the song to my phone
  14. mobiles can't get a signal on the underground
  15. do you have a fave song of yours as your ringtone? here's mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUWS-YGZzLg
  16. mojo, that is one fantastic looking ibby
  17. forget that mojo! your hard earned pennys are being swapped for a PGM
  18. is it realy that hard to adjust to different sized necks?, one of my lp's has a neck like a baseball bat and one of my ibanez has a neck like a sheet of paper and i have NO problem going from one to the other...just saying
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