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  1. Many thanks again, Be.eM, for the reply. I'm living in the US, and I've submitted a request for a quote on that spring. I'm using .008 for three reasons. 1. Steve Beato's "Size Matters" youtube video. 2. I read somewhere that Allan Holdsworth used .008 on his headless guitars. 3. I have a touch of arthritis, and .008 are easier to play. In spite of all this, when I tune the Steinberger without locking the bridge, it seems to stay in tune just fine, anyway. ;)
  2. The strings go sharp when I unlock the trem, which means that the trem has too much tension on it. I've turned the Master Tuning Knob counter-clockwise to the point that no more change in string pitch occurs. In fact, the Master Tuning Knob is almost completely unscrewed. I'm using .008 gauge strings, so they probably don't provide the tension required for the trem bridge to be properly tensed with the Master Tuning Knob. That's why I'm wondering if there is a way to "center" tension applied by the Master Tuning Knob.
  3. When I unlock the bridge after tuning, the strings go sharp. However, there isn't enough travel on the Master Tuning Knob to compensate. Is there another adjustment that can be made to "center" the Master Tuning Knob?
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