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  1. I recently went through a failure of epic proportions trying to buy an SG and wanted to share my experience to spare others my heartbreak. I bought an SG standard 61 four times because I loved it so much and had to return all of them. 1) From Guitar Center - brand new guitar, the tuning knob was bent, 2) From Gibson directly, arrived with a deep scratch across the fretboard and inlay, 3) Musicians Friend, fret buzz so bad I couldn't unhear it, 4) Guitar Center again, in two weeks bridge pickup grounding broke, no sound. I cannot explain away any of the problems I had. For nearly $2,000, these issues should not have occurred. I've had a Mexican Telecaster for years and never had any problems. The thing is a fraction of the cost of the SG. Please take a long look if you're going to buy a new Gibson. Once or twice can be explained away as unlucky, but four times means there is a structural problem.
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