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  1. I’d like to know if it’s some kind of Gibson sticker or promotional item that he stuck on there or if it’s Gibson related at all. I don’t really mind it being on there because it’s been there since the ‘50s, but i will try to at least straighten it.
  2. The es125 I inherited has a shield-like emblem or badge on the truss rod cover. It is off center making me suspect that it is an aftermarket addition. I have a photo of the original owner playing the guitar shortly after it was purchased, prob 1957, and this feature is visible. I’d like more info about it if anyone can help.
  3. Radiation

    ES 125

    Recently inherited a 1954 ES125. just reglued the cracked headstock. otherwise it is in pretty good condition with only a few areas of loose binding. the tuning machines were previously replaced with some cheap ones, new ones on order. the original tailpiece has been replaced with a Bigsby B6 which is cool but i wish i had the original. the pickup seems to work. overall the finish is in good shape (except the back of the headstock where it was cracked). I haven't been able to play it yet with the broken headstock and i can hardly wait. very cool looking guitar.
  4. Hello, I recently inherited a 1954 Gibson es125. There were a few sloppy modifications over the years and the headstock is cracked. I have reglued the headstock which seemed to work well. will wait several days before restringing but i dont know if i should refinish the back of the neck or leave it alone. also, it is missing its original tailpiece which was replaced with a Bigsby B6 tremolo. just finished cleaning that up and it looks good. I would like advice on eventually replacing the original tailpiece as i have noticed they are hard to come by. Modern repros from stewmac and others don't have a hole for the end pin like the originals. will prob just keep the bigsby on it for now. also has some loose binding which i will gently repair. will include pictures . soon. Any advise on best places to look for the tailpiece replacement would be appreciated. Thanks
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