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  1. It really makes it look sharp. This is one of the best looking guitars I’ve seen. Looks like a supermodel sitting next to my old D18
  2. Bought it brand new from musicians friend. I noticed on the web that music villa in Bozeman Mt has some. It appears they put hummingbird fretboards on some and finished the neck like a regular J45. I have to admit it gorgeous
  3. I just got a J45 studio in that has a dark finish on the neck like a regular J45 and has the fret board of a Hummingbird with the parallelograms inlay. Also, how much of the truss road should come through the nut? Mine seems to be down inside of the nut a couple turns at least. Forgive the stupid questions. It’s my first Gibson. Pics attached:
  4. Mine has the hummingbird inlay on the neck.Is that something they’re starting on this model? I thought it was supposed to be dot inlay.
  5. I was wondering what your experience was with these guitars. I have MS and have to play from a wheelchair and bought one of these and am impressed with it so far. It comes with light gauge string. Will it handle medium gauge?
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