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  1. Cheers! It’s funny, I started reading this thread a long time ago and added a potentiometer to fix the reverb almost a decade ago. Originally I bought the head version but about a year ago I built a cabinet with my Dad and we used some cool green tweed instead of tolex. Finally getting around to trying a few more mods while I’m at it. It’s too bad the pictures aren’t live anymore. Just upgraded my epi dot with new tuners, a bigsby, new nut and roller bridge, new wiring harness and pure90s from bgpups and decided it’s time to put better filter and tone caps in my amp, hoping I can get rid of some 60 cycle hum and make the EQ more usable. Anyone else still using this amp? Had to replace the output transformer but besides that it’s been great! Haven’t been a huge fan of the overdrive without pedals so I’ve been using an old 12au7 and I like how it cleans it up. Hoping replacing the capacitors will make 12ax7s sound better in v1? Right now I have two jjs in v2 and v3 but used to have a 12at7 in the pi, which I think I preferred.
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