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  1. Looking at pictures close up it seems like Steinberger don't even manufacturer different headpieces for the left handed ones; they just adjust them. I don't ;know ho. vjljmuyssujohsu9xa5y.webp
  2. Thanks. Called headlessusa; they're not sure it'll work given the state of this headpiece. Headless usa doesn't have a replacement of that piece in left handed. Or, even, I think, right handed.
  3. I mean this bit here where the high-e is supposed to go. Not the rubber bit.
  4. I snapped the plastic (plastic!) off the headpiece of my gt-pro while trying to make it larger to string it left handed. Now I'm completely lost! James.
  5. Same here. I was going to buy a yellow one and then re-string it. I hadn't thought of re-painting. Perhaps that's better. What did you end up doing?
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