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  1. The volume knob has no hole for a hex-key neither does it pull off with the modicum of pressure I've exerted. Any ideas? Must I go from the bottom? Thanks.
  2. Well that was an ordeal! I did it. But I pretty much had to take apart the whole thing. I unscrewed the tuning knobs too far which meant the jaws came out and then springs came loose of the tuning knobs and so I had to dismantle that. Which of course meant that the saddles came out and one thing led to another but I put it back together and it works great. I mean one thing I'm concerned about (knowing how it works now) is the whole r-trem springing forward off the guitar; it seems fairly precariously locked in place. Anyway! Thanks for everyone's help. tbh next time I might just buy the left handed one and have it painted or something because the volume knob is definitely getting in my way! I wonder whether a good technician could rewire and move some stuff for me.
  3. Dumb question. Have no wood to hand; would polymorph or sugru work?
  4. I've got a few of the hohner style ones from chinese sellers I think but this came straight from headless usa who said it was the exact one. Good shout on a shim. I'll give it a go.
  5. Update So the new part doesn't *quite* fit. Here's the old one: And here's the new one However, when screwed in, this is what it looks like: Should I be worried about screwing it in and trying to use it anyway do you think?
  6. Brill. Thanks so much. Here goes nothing!
  7. oh. So nothing connects to the truss rod from the headpiece? The headpiece is just held on by two screws that go either side?
  8. I’ve got one that fits and I‘ve dremelled it to allow it to be strung left handed. My question is whether there’s meant to be a bolt that goes through the middle hole of the headpiece and connects to The rod that goes down the neck. I thought I was very careful about keeping all the pieces but I can’t find it. I had a look at some online resources and some show bolts, some don’t. Does anyone have an idea? and, if so, what size does it need? Thanks.
  9. Looking at pictures close up it seems like Steinberger don't even manufacturer different headpieces for the left handed ones; they just adjust them. I don't ;know ho. vjljmuyssujohsu9xa5y.webp
  10. Thanks. Called headlessusa; they're not sure it'll work given the state of this headpiece. Headless usa doesn't have a replacement of that piece in left handed. Or, even, I think, right handed.
  11. I mean this bit here where the high-e is supposed to go. Not the rubber bit.
  12. I snapped the plastic (plastic!) off the headpiece of my gt-pro while trying to make it larger to string it left handed. Now I'm completely lost! James.
  13. Same here. I was going to buy a yellow one and then re-string it. I hadn't thought of re-painting. Perhaps that's better. What did you end up doing?
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