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  1. I use the pinch Method and have sense I was about 25 years of age. Played lead guitar and was always having tuning issues. Then I brought it to a guitar wizard and that’s where I learned the pinch Method. works great for me and I’m now 63 years old, so like 38 years or so. I only do one loop around the peg sometimes 2 on the 1st 2nd and 3rd 👍
  2. So have one of these Gibson Maestro this one is Made in China but I have to say it sounds dam good for what I paid for it. I tuned this up with a tuner and I was very surprised at how good it played and intonation was right on. Chords sound great . It even has adjustable tuners. I tell ya this it’s a lot better then the crap copies they use to sell in the seventies. This thing is a great beginner guitar and I’d play this thing all day long wouldn’t bother me a bit.
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