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  1. You must be reading my mail! Everything you listed is what I did to my 2010 (and most of my acoustics, actually)...with the exception of the bat-wing. Material-wise you probably made the right choice, but as for shape I simply enjoy the teardrop. Well done, amigo!
  2. I do this on all guitars with those ugly and heavy Grovers. I would buy: 1) These: https://www.stewmac.com/waverly/waverly-guitar-tuners-with-ivoroid-knobs-for-solid-pegheads.html 2) Or these: https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/tuning-machines/solid-peghead-guitar-tuning-machines/kluson-3-on-a-plate-deluxe-series-tuning-machines.html Your J-45 headstock will have a smaller hole for each machine post. The Waverly set requires the hole to be enlarged to 8.73mm and the Klusons an 8.8mm hole. It is indeed quite easy (I do it and I am not a guitar tech by any stretch). S
  3. Does your SJ back/center have what is called a bat-wing pickguard? What do they call the elongated pickguards that were stock in the 60's? And again, as far as aesthetics go, I'm taking your front row/left end, or your middle row/right end.
  4. Nice. Thanks! As mentioned, please tell me about how you arrived at this opinion.
  5. Has anyone here worked in a typical high-volume guitar store, with a large inventory of used guitars? All things being equal, with vintage acoustics, what percentage of the tag price tends to be the shop's bottom line? For example: If a tag on a 1052 Gibson says $6k, for how much lower will they actually sell it? How do you know this? Please explain your experience.
  6. On my 5th point, by happenstance I just shifted the J-45 on my lap, and the light angle made one bride inlay look white, while the other still pearl-ish. So, just saying. Camera flash could nullify my 5th point.
  7. Hahaha...I know, I'm geeking out about this. Ya clicked it. So you must too! I see: 1) weird pickguard 2) no soundhole sticker 3) weird soundhole stamp 4) can't even tell if there is matching stamp on back of headstock 5) bridge inlays don't match https://www.ebay.com/itm/254936891019?ViewItem=&item=254936891019
  8. Well, I wouldn't swap a pickguard out, and the tuners (on vintage guitars) wouldn't be Grovers anyway, and only swapped if they didn't work. Nuts, saddles, tuners. The body of a guitar has an inherent sound. That may be either improved or worsened with an ADJ saddle. So if I don't like the sound of the guitar to begin with, I wouldn't buy. If I loved the sound of a 1962 ADJ J-45, I buy it and improve it. And I will always save $3-5 for a 1958-68 J-45 rather than a Waterloo.
  9. Correct. All of that has to do with my personal preference and precondition to have my guitars as lean as possible. By that, I mean that a bulky and heavy bridge/saddle and components would go. I also prefer the teardrop pickguard. I also get rid of any heavy Grover mushroom tuners and replace with tuners with buttons. Would I do this on a guitar that I adored and couldn't imagine fiddling with? Of course not. But all things being equal, what I just said is my conviction. Aesthetically (which is more deeply subjective and personal), I find everything I just mentioned to be quit
  10. 1) How much does it cost to convert an ADJ bridge/saddle into a standard one with bone saddle?2) What are your thoughts and/or experiences on this modification?
  11. Whatcha think of this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-Gibson-LG1-Acoustic-Guitar/124506043312?hash=item1cfd2373b0:g:GpEAAOSwPk5f64HF
  12. So, size-wise, what is the hierarchy (and yes, I am only talking about sunbursts)?
  13. Size-wise, how does the LG-1 compare to the J-45? If a vintage J-45 costs too much, would an LG-1 be the next step down? (I know its not apples to apples, both not dreds) I guess what I'm getting at is: If a 1959 J-45 costs $5k...and a 1959 LG-1 costs $2.5-3K...and both are sunbursts, and you think both sound awesome...what differences might one find that do not appear to the naked eye?
  14. The pickguard on the guitar in question looks like different material than was originally used. It looks like something cut from an All Parts blank. Anyone else notice this?
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