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  1. This guy does a great job of reviewing one from a few years ago and goes over the guitar, and differences between a 330 and 335.Wonder if the new Slip Harpo has the same neck?
  2. You would have to image nobody wouldn't even know of the Casino today had the Beatles not played them.
  3. you make the call https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USA3I4189/Slim-Harpo-Lovell-ES-330/Vintage-Sunset-Burst https://www.epiphone.com/Guitar/EPIGM7112/Epiphone-Casino-USA-Collection/Vintage-Sunburst
  4. I find the tone control on the bridge pickup set around 5, tames the treble, and gives a better sound when using both pickups on my 2020 ES-335 Satin Sunburst
  5. Would love to hear more about the new T Types, not that much info out there about them.
  6. After 40 years of Fender and single coils, I just joined the club
  7. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on these that came out last year, good or bad, thx
  8. I recently got a 335 Dot Satin Vintage Sunburst, and my knobs sit that high I believe
  9. Thanks Twang Gang , mine are supposed to Calibrated T-Type pickups, So new to Humbuckers (been a Fender Guy for 40 years) that I'm not sure what that means.
  10. Just bought this 335 and am in love, formally a Fender and Strat player. I've heard people aren't crazy with the T-Type pickups. Just curious what are some of the replacements people recommend. I love the look and feel of the guitar, now just want to make sure I'm getting the best sounds out of it. Appreciative for any suggestions from more informed owners, thanks.
  11. New Gibson ES-335 Satin - Satin Vintage Burst. Joining a Tele and Strat, am so in love with this 335
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