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    2019 ES 335

    Thanks for the info people. I still haven't decided if I want to go with a new one or wait and get a used one, perhaps a CS reissue if they pop up in my area. Zohar.
  2. I am still looking for my first 335. I was offered to buy a 1971 guitar, the guy who wants to sell it said the s.n. is 250592. Looking online in the various sites that decode Gibson s.n, this number is unrecognized. What do you guys think? Does it mean that the guitar is un-original? Also? What should I look at when I will test this guitar? The guy said the guitar had a refret done and he wants 4280$ for it. Thanks, Zohar
  3. Zohar

    2019 ES 335

    I am wondering if people notices a drop in quality when the first guitars where made in Nashville? what would be the change in the serial number? also, when I was refering to the COA, what I ment was that "passport" they gave with every guitar. thanks, Zohar.
  4. Zohar

    2019 ES 335

    hi everyone, first post here. I am looking to buy a new 2019 ES, 60's cherry finish. I am a bit confused as to whether or not they were made at the Memphis factory, and if I am suppose to get a Gibson Custom COA with the guitar. Thanks Zohar.
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