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  1. End of the story : Hey everyone ! Okay, so I decided to sand the «Gibson» logo on the headstock and surprise ... it was a sticker put a long time ago and vernish. Was a nice job but it was easy to remove. Behind the sticker there was no name. The crown is a real inlay and is still there on the headstock. I also took off the fake label inside so now it is no more a fake / conterfeit Gibson guitar. It's just an vintage no name and beautiful acoustic guitar. For Christmas 2020, I gave it to a charity group for young people here in Gatineau hoping it would help in the community. Stay save and happy new year to all of you. Olive
  2. M. Pepper, Parta is from Finland but his post is in France ...
  3. Hello Parta, did you find any information? It would make a nice anecdote if so and as you, I always want to know more about my guitars history. I have an old 1956 ES-225T. My guitar is a player and it was played by who? Maybe some great musicians maybe not. Where was it bought? Where did she giged? I think it's fun to know the history of my guitars but very hard to find any informations.
  4. belle famille! Leur as-tu donné des noms? J'ai nommé ma 1956 ES-225T : la vielle Ma 2007 SG Special : Bébé toutes mes autres guitares ont des noms et elles chantent toutes différemment. Salut
  5. The seller's name was James Savey. His phone number is/was 438-869-9231 in Montréal. I'm sure he knew it was a copy as he said the guitar was in his family for decades. He hided the trussrod with a 2 srews cover. He put a little piece of wood in the cavity of the trussrod to fix the second screw. I should ask him to remove the cover and have a look before buying it but who do that? I discovered that one's I was back home. The guitar have a fantastic look and the sound is beautiful. It had the logo. It had the waffles tuners. It had the patine and the label. The now known liar was asking 2K Canadian. I asked him why this low price for a Dove? He said he didn't use it and was alone - last man alive in his family and wanted to sell it to someone who would play it. On my side, i was looking for a used vintage guitar - a player to restore in this Covid period of time. So I took his word and I gave him the money (about 1200$ US). That's a lot of money but at that moment, I tought it was a real deal. My father told me later : if it's too nice to be true then it's not true 😕 Many time I did tried to call back the man but the chicken doen't reply. Call the police? Forget it too complicated in Québec. Now : I will remove the label inside and I will write «This is a fake Gibson» inside the guitar. I was thinking of burning it but the sound is very nice and the guitar is beautiful even if it's not a Gibson. Cheers
  6. thank you everybody. As i wrote in my introduction post, i know for sure now then it is a copy. But the main question remain. Nobody know any guitar company maker in the 70th who would put the logo of Gibson on the headstock and ingrave a serial number very close from the Gibson serial number style. Is it important : no. Is it fun to know : yes That's fine for me. It was a pleasure to talk to all of you. Olive from Gatineau, province of Québec, Canada
  7. Thanks J45nick. 1/ Informations on the label Style : handwritten DOVE (lead pencil) Gibson : stamp of a date 11 OCT 67B Number is hereby : handwritten same serial number as on the headstock (also with a lead pensil) Gibson INC. Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A. The date is stamp inside the guitar to a couple of other places. What is the meaning of the letter B? Would it mean it is a B-stock? I dont know. The label is the oval orange and seem like the style / Gibson / serial number were blank and fill by hand with a lead pencil or a stamp of a date. 2/ The trussrod The nut is accessible with a metric Allen key of 5 mm.
  8. Thx. looks very much like mine [pick guard and bridge}. But the logo is Lyle and I cant find any fake of that era with the Gibson logo.
  9. I cant download more pics. I received a message from the site dont know why. Sorry
  10. Also the last owner sold it to me with a 2 screws TRC. I took it off at home and realized it was a 3 holes truss rod cover. I did some search to find Gibson Dove of that era with a 3 screws truss rod cover and I found : https://reverb.com/item/20209419-gibson-dove-1975-sunburst https://www.pbase.com/wonderotter/image/94237782/original https://reverb.com/uk/item/1343002-gibson-dove-1975-truss-rod-cover
  11. Great. Do you have any pic of the peaked cut out to see the differences with mine ? about the bridge, i found Doves were equipped with tune-o-matic until 1968. In 1969, it was changed for the adjustable with 2 screws and in 1970 by the non-adjustable sadle but i'm not 100% sure of those informations. And you're right, the bridge is not flat. There's a dot on the «i» on the logo. In my searches, i read the dot was remove between 1967 and 1972 on the logo. Mine have a dot. Those points and the overall condition of the guitar [fret wear, cracks in the vernish, patine on the binding] made me believe it was made between 1970 and 1975.
  12. Thank you 62burst. As I wrote, i am pretty sure now it is a copy😤. That guitar was made somewhere between 1970 and 1975. My question is : In the 70th, who made those copies with the very real brand name «Gibson» inlay on the headstock? It is probably a japan copy but in that period of time, from what I saw on the net, all copies had the name of the maker [Ibanez, Pearl, Lyle, Penco, etc} on the headstock and not the «Gibson» brand name.
  13. Hi everyone, I bought that old guitar from a man in Montréal in may 2020. He told me that old 1967 Gibson Dove was in his family from decades and decided to sell it cause he was playing electric only. What a liar and a thief. After more then 5 months trying to find some informations on my guitar, I contacted Gibson and they told me it's not a real Gibson ... Yes I bought a fake. It's a very nice guitar with a beautiful sound but it's a fake! Probably made between 1970 and 1975. The only thing is the brand name on the headstock. From what I saw on the net, all the Japan / China copies of that period have there name on the headstock. Mine have the very «real» Gibson on the headstock. In fact, I cant find any copy of that era with the «Gibson» inlay name on the headstock. My question is who made that copy? Full photo of my guitar is in my other intruce yourself topic. Thanks Olive
  14. Olive


    Hey people, I'm very happy to be here with you all and talk and read about Gibson. I have a 1956 ES-225T and a 2007 SG. Both fantastics guitars. What brings me here ... A 1967 Dove or probably a fake one that i bought in may 2020. I need your help to tell me more about my real / fake (????) Dove. I bought that old guitar from a guy name James Savey in Montréal. This man told me that old Gibson was in his family for decades and he decided to sell it cause he was playing electric only. At the same time, i was looking for an old guitar to restore. The old Dove is a player and she had hard time in the past as the tuners were changed, the back of the neck and the headstock were sanded. And yes, there is fret wear and the vernish on top is crack. But what a nice guitar and the perfect project for me in this Covid period of time. Bought it for 2K. Fantastic deal no? First thing I did at home was to had a look on the truss rod. Wow, the truss rod cover is not original! There's 3 holes for the cover and the seller put a 2 holes cover? What the f--k? I tried to find a 1967 truss rod cover with 3 holes and I found one already sold on reverb. Gibson Dove 1975 truss rod cover | Dancing Man Music | Reverb Then a friend told me my old Dove was a copy!!!! I contacted Gibson, send pics and Terry Greene confirm the diagnostic : he thinks it's a fake. There's a serial number on the back of the headstock : 063999 but no «Made in USA». The logo seem very real Gibson inlay. The bridge seem to be a real one too but it's adjustable. I saw some like this on the net. I dont know what to think. Is it a real or a copy? If it's a copy who is the maker? If it's a copy, how much does it worth? I tried to contact the seller James Savey to know more about the guitar and he doesn't call me back. Thanks for your help
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