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  1. Bourbon: Perfect for cleaning engine parts. Scotch: Perfect.
  2. I quit smoking 7 years ago because of COPD. Undeterred, I vaped for several years until breathlessness became a way of life. Most mornings I wake up with only one task — clearing the congestion so I can breathe. However, would I trade the many moments spent in bars and cafés in the calming presence of beer and cigarettes? Hell, no.
  3. A hair dryer on low might soften it enough to start lifting it*. This is usually a trivial task. They can get obstinate with age, but yours isn't that old. * Best done off the guitar, away from the finish.
  4. Peel it off? Lift a corner and off it goes.
  5. That's not a warranty job, it's a return. You want that one out of your life ASAP. I feel for you. Good luck.
  6. Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis — Ralph Vaughan Williams.
  7. Are the two small screws between the pole pieces on each pickup loose? Those two screws actually are the pickup mounting screws.
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