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  1. Thanks everyone for your quick input. For me the a natural J-185 without the maltese crosses just isn't a J-185 (more like a big J-50). Since this is supposed to be a truly vintage accurate model I'd expect the finer details to be spot on. Also, that absent dot on the logo is equally worrying. Although it may be legit I'm going to continue my search and give this one a miss.
  2. Hi everyone I'm tempted to bid on this gorgeous Gibson J-185 True Vintage model going pretty cheap (by UK standards) on Ebay. I had a 'standard' J-185 a few years back (stupidly sold it) and what I loved about it (besides how great it sounded) was the cool mother of pearl maltese cross inlays on the bridge. Strangely they are not here on this true vintage model. Does anyone know if some of these TV models don't have the inlays or is it possible this bridge has been changed? Any advice would be appreciated before I make an offer. http://cgi.ebay.com/GIBSON-J-185-ACOUSTIC-GUITAR-ANTIQUE-NATURAL-J185-MINT-/370417093717?pt=Guitar
  3. It does look similar but this 'honeyburst' 335 looked so different from any lightburst 335 I've seen. It was almost pure two tone vintage sunburst with dark coffee coloured edges and an incredible yellow just (like honey) center. With the antique cream binding it was the tastiest 335 I've seen in a long time (even nicer than my tea-burst 335).
  4. Saw a new Gibson ES-335 in 'honeyburst' in London's Denmark Street today. Very, very sweet indeed. Must be a new colour added to the Dot range. Check her out... http://www.guitar-village.co.uk/product-detail.asp?id=9095
  5. I just found an excuse to buy a 339... http://www.andertons.co.uk/Gibson/pid18180/cid556/GibsonCustomShopES339inPelhamBlueLimitedEdition100made.asp http://www.andertons.co.uk/Gibson/pid18181/cid556/GibsonCustomShopES359inPelhamBlueLimitedEdition100made.asp
  6. Thanks! It's a 2009 60's block re-issue in ice tea sunburst. I've owned quite a few 335's over the years (dot, fat neck etc.) and this is my favorite. Really slim neck and I never get tired of the gorgeous ice tea finish. Pure class.
  7. I stumbled across one of these 'new' Riviera's in London's Denmark Street on Saturday. Couldn't help but plug her in and have a strum and what an amazing guitar for such a low price (£399). The red cherry finish is stunning and the guitar is very vintage accurate with the oval headstock inlay and more rounded horns. Neck was a perfect size and the mini humbuckers sounded fantastic (even great unplugged). Needless to say I went home straight away and ordered one from Thomann (£325 inc. postage). I already own a Gibson 60's block 335 and a Inspired Lennon Casino so I'm hoping this will sit nicely between the two. I'll post some pics when it arrives.
  8. The Elitist is surely be the most underrated guitar of the Casino line?! My new 'Inspired by' Lennon Casino is a great guitar but isn't close in looks or build quality to my previous Natural Elitist Casino (oh, why did I sell it?!). If you don't have the dough for a vintage Casino I suggest you immediately pick yourself up an Elitist Casino at Sweetwater while stocks last (great, great price) and hold on to it for dear life (I wish I did). Wonder if Sweetwater ship to the UK? Please, oh please...
  9. Is there a better guitar than the Epiphone Casino? I haven't found it! Here's my new 'Inspired by' sunburst casino. I've owned a Korean Casino and an Elitist Casino and this sits somewhere in between. Not as good value as the Korean but more vintage accurate (and hotter pickups). Not nearly as nice as the Elitist though but much cheaper. Try one, you won't be disappointed!
  10. Thanks everyone for your input, really helpful! The thought of putting the Hummingbird back in the box and sending it back is far more painful than the learning to live with this minor flaw, so it's staying with me. If I get some extra cash I might get a luthier to clean it up but until then I'm just going to enjoy playing it (and looking at it). For anyone considering a Gibson True Vintage Hummingbird don't hesitate. This Hummingbird is simply magical (in looks and tone) and I still can't get over how unique it sounds. I'm off now, must have another strum. Thanks again!
  11. Hi everyone I've just joined the forum and this is my first post. I just bought a brand new Gibson Hummingbird 'True Vintage' acoustic which I'm thrilled with. It's an amazing acoustic but what worries me is the sloppy adhesive which is showing through the pickguard. The guitar was bought 'unseen' via Ebay and although it's mint in every way (described as new), the transparent pickguard shows heavy traces of sloppy glue which is making me debate whether I should sent it back or not. If this is natural of TV acoustics then I can live with it but it's faulty then I'll have to sent it back. I've never seen a TV acoustic in the UK so I have nothing to compare it to. If anyone can advise me then it would be much appreciated. Check out the pics and thanks for your help! Peter
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